How do you add certifications to your LinkedIn profile?

Knowledge is the key to power and having more skills is the ticket to having a successful career. Recent studies suggest that you need some certificated skills to do almost anything by 2050. Yeah, that is a real thing, it is possible that you need to have a mopping certification to get hired as a janitor! That is why people get a whole lot of courses and that is the reason for this recent question that they might ask you or google it: where to add workshops in LinkedIn?

To add workshops or training sessions to your LinkedIn profile, you can include them in the "Licenses & Certifications" or the "Education" section, depending on the nature and relevance of the workshop. For instance, if the workshop resulted in a certificate or specific accreditation, you can list it under "Licenses & Certifications" by clicking the "+" icon and providing the details, such as the issuing organization and dates. 

Where to Add Workshops in LinkedIn?

Adding some certifications to your LinkedIn profile is a way to stand out in this very competitive market. It is not only about the people who are looking for a job. Of course, having some related certifications to your dream job or the position you are applying for, is a perfect way to stand out. But the thing is, having a certification in your profile can make the users who are viewing your profile trust you much easier. Are you a company page admin? Are you trying to find investors? Are you a marketing specialist trying to find some clients? There are so many other examples I can write here and a certificate can help all of them.

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An admin can make people trust him/her easier with a relevant certification to the service they are providing on the company page or the products they are trying to sell, especially in the matter of high tech or IT services and products. Also, people can trust an investment opportunity that someone offers them, much easier when that person has a related certification to the product they are introducing or if they have related education to that industry.

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Of course, not every job needs certifications and attending workshops, but a lot of them do, even right now. certificates and licenses demonstrate that you are an expert in your field of work, you got educated for that and you are knowledgeable in that job. I can talk on and on about the benefits of adding certificates to your profile. But that is enough, now, let’s see where to add workshops in LinkedIn.

Where to add workshops in LinkedIn?

Workshops, licenses, certifications, courses, etc. are all the means to make you stand out and to be able to work better in this modern and highly competitive era. So we need to know where to add workshops in LinkedIn when we attend one.

Where to Add Workshops in LinkedIn?

1. Log into your LinkedIn account

2. Click on ‘Me’

3. Go to ‘View Profile’

4. Click on ‘add profile section’

5. Select recommended

6. Click on ‘Add licenses & certifications’

7. Click on ‘+’

8. Type the name of the certification. You probably will see a list of suggested certificates

9. Open your certification (if it’s a pdf or is uploaded on a cloud space like Google drive) and enter the required information precisely.

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10. If there is no expiration date on the certificate, don’t forget to change the option to “this credential doesn’t expire”

11. You can usually find a credential ID or completion code on the certificate. Copy and paste it into the related box.

12. For the credential URL, you need to copy the address of your certification in the box.

13. Click and save it and add it to the licenses and certifications section.

To wrap up

You might have just finished a workshop and you earned your certification. Now you need to know where to add workshops in LinkedIn, which we just discussed. Listing certificates in your profile can help you in different positions. It is suggested to list the most related certificates you have to your goal on LinkedIn. That seems logical, even though we can add up to 50 certifications to our profile, if you overdo it, you can get overqualified in some people’s eyes. So now that you know how to add certifications to your profile, use this feature to stand out.

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