Where to find your email address on LinkedIn? It is straightforward if you want to find one or a few people’s email on LinkedIn. 😊

Go to their LinkedIn profile, click on contact info, and copy and paste their emails. But the story is totally different if you look at the emails of thousands of people and employees! 🙃

Imagine you need the email addresses of all chemical companies’ employees that have pages on LinkedIn. It means that you want to extract their emails from their LinkedIn accounts. Is it possible to check the LinkedIn profiles one by one? Of course, NO! 🙅‍♀️

Where to Find Email Address on LinkedIn?

Instead, the LinkedIn email finder of CUF can find Linkedin accounts emails in minutes and in large groups.  Every step is easy and straightforward 🤗.

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No need to have special knowledge of computers and no need to spend lots of time. Everything is manageable and uncomplicated. Download the excel of individuals’ emails faster than always.

Where to find the email address on LinkedIn by CUF?

To use the CUF LinkedIn email finder, enter the CUF dashboard after the easy process of signing up. From a list of 427 companies’ industries, select the desired one.

Also, choose one country. It is essential to mention that all countries of the world are on this list. For instance, you can choose China 🇨🇳 and the trading industry.

Then CUF shows the LinkedIn accounts of all employees of the trading ™️ firms that are located in China from the smallest to the biggest.

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It is not essential what the role of these people in the companies are; any person with any role in these corporations that have pages on LinkedIn is shown.

The user then should choose any of these people’s LinkedIn accounts that he/she likes and CUF finds their emails in almost no time. 

This is the most professional LinkedIn email finder because of its high speed, simplicity, 98% data accuracy, and affordable prices.

Where to Find Email Address on LinkedIn?

Google Chrome Extension

CUF has provided a Google Chrome Extension, too, through which the emails can be extracted from the LinkedIn pages .

This process also happens shortly and the gathered emails are all verified and checked. The emails are checked and investigated in 3 different aspects:

  •  The email syntax is checked ✅
  • Email domain is checked ✅
  • SMTP verification also is done on all email addresses ✅
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Over 98% of the gathered emails are correct because of the email validation and verification.

Emails are given on the fly!

One of the main reasons that caused CUF LinkedIn email finder to become famous and well-known is its high speed in email extraction and verification. 

The whole process happens in only a few seconds. If you want to get rid of this repetitive question: where to find an email address on LinkedIn in bulk and at the same time instantly, visit CUF and test its free options to see the quality of emails and its high speed.

CUF’s team priority is to improve your email bounce rate and deliverability. The one-time test makes you our perpetual user!

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