Your LinkedIn profile just like a resume and an advertising billboard, is of the utmost importance that you must pay attention to. That’s why it contains important and useful sections and information, like the Interests section, which can help you forge effective connections and reach an ideal job. So you may be asking yourself, who can see my LinkedIn profile? Who can see my Interests on LinkedIn?

According to LinkedIn, your profile is completely visible to all LinkedIn members who are logged into Therefore, anyone who is a LinkedIn member can see your interests section on your profile, unless you change your LinkedIn page settings as well as you block her or him.

In this way, you can adjust the privacy preferences of your profile on the Settings & Privacy page.

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What is the Interests section on LinkedIn?

The Interests section is the additional information on your LinkedIn profile, which includes the influencers, companies, groups, and schools that LinkedIn members are following.

In fact, this Interests section is where you can connect with your contacts on a more profound and wider level by adding your hobbies and interests to your LinkedIn profile.

Always remember that the first thing professionals do to connect with you on LinkedIn is to take a look at all sections of your profile.

They’re looking for more information and details on you, such as photos, plaques & awards, interests, educational & academic records, certificates, skills, etc., to know more about your personality, likes & dislikes.

Then they start communicating with you.

This is how you can forge a relationship with them.

To put it simply, people like to work with individuals who share common interests and goals, as well as have fun and exciting lives.

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Note: This section is automatically updated based on what you follow on LinkedIn or the accounts you interact with in some way (like, comment, follow, etc.). Meanwhile, you can’t edit it. Hence, the importance of your activity and the user accounts you follow can be clearly seen.

Where is the Interests section on LinkedIn?

When you open your Linden page and enter your profile, at the bottom of it is the Interests section, which is automatically generated based on four factors:

Who Can See My Interests on LinkedIn?

  • Influencers you follow
  • Companies you follow
  • Groups you have joined
  • The schools you follow

How to see the Interests section on your LinkedIn profile?

To view your Interests section on LinkedIn:

Step 1: Navigate to your LinkedIn homepage and tap the Me icon

Who Can See My Interests on LinkedIn?

Step 2: Click on the View Profile tab from the drop-down menu.

Who Can See My Interests on LinkedIn?

Step 3: Go to the Interests section at the bottom of your profile.

Who Can See My Interests on LinkedIn?

In this section, as mentioned earlier, you can view your Interests, which comprise topics such as influencers, groups, companies, and schools that you have followed.

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How to see a member’s Interests section on LinkedIn?

To view the Interests section of a LinkedIn user, you must follow these steps:

  • Open your LinkedIn page.
  • Visit the profile of the member whose interests you want to see.
  • Go to the Interests section at the bottom of her or his profile.
  • Select a topic from her or his Interests section which contains schools, companies, groups, or influencers, and then click on See all.

Note: It’s worth mentioning that if you’d like to follow the Interests of this LinkedIn member, just tap the Follow button next to each of her or his interests.

To sum up

Back to the first question: Who can see my Interests on LinkedIn? According to what was said before, maybe the best answer is this since our profile can be seen by all LinkedIn members, so Interests will be visible to all LinkedIn users because they are a section of the LinkedIn profile.

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