Why doesn’t LinkedIn let me send messages?

Sometimes when sending a message on LinkedIn, we find out that LinkedIn doesn’t let us send messages to someone. So this question keeps occupying our minds: Why can’t I send messages on LinkedIn?

Don’t worry at all! Many users on LinkedIn have encountered this problem. As long-time LinkedIn users, we provide you with some of the fastest solutions for LinkedIn messaging not working.

So stay with us and read the full article to crack this problem in the shortest possible time.

LinkedIn Messaging service

LinkedIn is the largest and most prominent employment-oriented network in the digital world.

In addition to helping job seekers uncover jobs, create online resumes, and teach specialized business & marketing courses and dozens of other useful professional services, LinkedIn also has a messaging feature where you can communicate with other members with whom you’re connected.

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Why Can't I Send Messages on LinkedIn?

It’s worth bearing in mind that you can only send messages to your first-degree connections within group pages and fellow group members for free and unlimitedly as well.

On top of text messages, you can send a document, photos, or videos via LinkedIn Messaging. LinkedIn empowers you to record audio or video using your LinkedIn mobile app.

It’s also important to note that if you’d like to send messages to people other than your 1st-degree connections, you always have the option of InMail to send messages to any LinkedIn member. It’s enough to subscribe to the LinkedIn Premium to make the most out of its services.

You can start conversations directly from your LinkedIn Messaging page or your connections’ profiles to send a message.

But if you can’t message LinkedIn members, although you’re sure you’ve connected with them, it’s quite a different matter and the problem comes from somewhere else. So look for a solution.

Why can’t I send messages to my 1st-connections on LinkedIn?

You’re scrolling through various posts in your LinkedIn feed and suddenly something interesting catches your attention. You strive to message it to your 1st-degree connections, but LinkedIn won’t let you do that.

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You may be startled at first, but no matter how hard you try and resend the message, you realize it’s futile and you feel frustrated. So why?

If you can’t message your first-degree connections on LinkedIn, it could be for the following reasons:

1. Maybe you’re blocked by your connections.

2. Your cache and cookies may have interfered with LinkedIn’s messaging scripts, and as a result blocked.

3. It’s possible that your current browser hasn’t been updated and you might use an old version.

4. It’s possible that the activation of the browser extensions and add-ons you’re employing have blocked your LinkedIn messaging.

How to fix LinkedIn chat messaging not working?

For any of the above causes, you may encounter errors in messaging on LinkedIn. If you don’t know how to solve the problem, don’t worry, here are solutions for sending LinkedIn messages, including:

  • Try different browsers like Firefox, Chrome, etc., to access LinkedIn
  • Update your LinkedIn and browser
  • Clear the cache data and cookie history from your browser
  • Delete or disable browser extensions such as ad blockers or pop-up blockers
  • Open LinkedIn on the web if you’re using the mobile app for messaging
  • Sign out of your LinkedIn account and log in again
  • Navigate directly to the recipient’s profile via your 1st-degree connections list to send messages
  • Disable the VPN and check the network speed from your browser
  • Contact the LinkedIn support center
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These are the fastest and easiest methods you can follow to eliminate your issue. If one of them doesn’t work, try another one. We hope that you can fix the problem with all the above solutions.

Final words

To sum up, while sending messages on LinkedIn, if you face this question: Why can’t I send messages on LinkedIn? We must say that the problem may be due to you not connecting with people, being blocked by recipients, having full cache and cookies, old browsers, and harmful extensions.

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