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Canada company database

What does a marketer do when he wants to find the Canadian clients for his service or product? How does he find relevant companies and businesses? Is it a good way to search in Google for companies? How much time is needed for Google search if you want to find hundreds of companies? Is it possible to collect thousands of companies’ data with this old method? Instead we offer you the Canadian company database of CUF as the newest and most modern tool in company detection and collection. CUF company directory contains millions of companies’ names and their contacts registered in Canada which are correct, valid and reliable.

How many companies are recorded in Canadian company database of CUF?

There are around 1 million Canadian companies and businesses recorded in CUF company directory which is updated and increased every day. It is worth mentioning that all companies’ names and contacts in CUF Canadian company database are checked and verified and you can be sure of their accuracy and validity.

How to find Canadian companies in CUF?

Click on “Database” in the left side of your CUF “Dashboard”. Then choose Canada as the country and any industry you like to find the related lists of companies.

Canada company database , Company URL Finder , Company Website Finder

As you see in the above picture, the chosen country is Canada and “Business Supplies and Equipment” is the selected industry. As you see there are 1094 companies and businesses recorded for Canadian Business Supplies and Equipment.

All companies’ categories are supported!

Canadian company database of CUF contains all categories and industries of companies and businesses like digital marketing, food production, insurance, mining, database and analysis, investment, retail services, construction, public relations, medical services, biotechnology, security and investigations, internet and so on. The bellow picture shows some other categories that can be searched in CUF. It is worth mentioning that there are around 427 industries and categories of companies active in Canadian company database of CUF.

Canada company database , Company URL Finder , Company Website Finder

What information is given in Canada Company database of CUF?

Companies’ names with their website addresses, profiles in social media, telephone numbers, blogs, and emails are provided completely in Canadian company database of CUF.

Accurate & reliable data!

The data recorded in Company URL Finder databases is true and accurate as it is verified and checked several times through various methods and investigations. Isn’t it interesting to have access to millions of Canadian companies’ contacts active in different industries and to download their data easily and fast? Canadian company database of CUF provides information very rapidly and fast in seconds. It is a non-stop service through which company data collecting has become an enjoyable task. A complete and comprehensive internet search is done by Company URL Finder crawlers in real time to find the companies’ data and contacts in real time.

Other countries are supported too!

CUF Canadian company database is only one of the companies’ directories of CUF. It also covers other continents and countries like American, European, African, Asian and Australian countries. Some of the most famous companies’ directories of CUF are related to USA, India, China, germany, Russia, France , UK, South Africa, UAE, and others.