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Companies in Europe

How to find companies in Europe?

Millions of companies are registered and located in European countries. For business purposes, how do you find companies in Europe? If you need the list of companies in Europe which are active in a certain industry, what do you do? Googling and searching the web is an outdated and old method that just misleads you from the main goals of your job and wastes your time. This is a process which not only wastes time but also reduce your energy. There is a better and more reliable method of lead generation and finding companies in Europe that is the famous and leading service of Company URL Finder (CUF). CUF has a comprehensive Europe company database through which the users can get the contacts and names of companies in Europe in real time. For instance you can get the list of manufacturing companies in Europe, the list of exporters and importers of a certain product registered in any European country like Germany, UK or France or the top oil and gas companies in Europe! Any list of companies in Europe can be provided for the user in minutes and with no pause.

How many companies in Europe are recorded in CUF?

The number of listed companies in Europe is around 20 million that are recorded in CUF company database . You can have access to list of companies in any European country. The roughly number of CUF recorded companies in some of the important countries of Europe are as follow:

  • UK: Over 5 million!
  • Germany: over 1.5 million!
  • France : Over 1 million!
  • Italy: 900,000
  • Spain:800,000
  • Netherlands: 600,000
  • Sweden: 400,000
  • Belgium: 600,000
  • Finland: 200,000
  • Denmark: 350,000
  • Switzerland: 350,000

How to find companies in Europe by CUF?

Enter your CUF dashboard and click on Database at the left side of your Dashboard. Then choose any European country you like and any company category you need. The result contains the list of all companies active in that certain European country and industry. For instance you can find the lists of exporters of cars in Germany or the list of importers of chemicals in Netherlands. It depends on you what to choose and what you need based on your business. You can get the data of your clients or the information of your company’s competitors.

What categories are supported in CUF company database?

The user can download the list of companies in Europe active in any industry he wishes like engineering, oil and gas, manufacturing, internet and web, export and import, chemicals, fruits and food, pharmaceutical materials, advertising, marketing, transportation, construction, agriculture, education and etc. 427 companies’ categories and industries are supported in Company URL finder. Surely the industry you look for is among these 427 categories! This feature of CUF leads you exactly to real customers and data.

Does CUF show the top companies in Europe?

When you select any European country and choose an industry, then CUF in the first step shows the top companies active in that certain country and category to the user which is free. If the user wants the complete list (which usually contains thousands of companies), then it can be purchased and downloaded at best prices.

CUF supports the whole world!

Companies’ names & companies’ contacts! CUF provides the names of companies in Europe as well as their complete list of contacts. The companies’ emails, phone numbers, website and blog URL, Instagram URL, LinkedIn URL, Twitter URL, Facebook URL, YouTube URL, address, and location are all prepared in CUF. Accurate & valid names & contacts of companies in Europe CUF provides the verified and checked names and contacts of companies in Europe. The whole provided information is accurate and real. This is known as the best way of lead generation and business contact finding. This is the easiest method to get the information of companies and find the company you like. Updated data! The advanced web crawlers of CUF check websites daily to find the dissolved companies and remove them from the list of companies in Europe. Any new business registered in European countries is added to the CUF list of companies in Europe fast so the data recorded in CUF has the data accuracy rate of 99%! Rapid lead generation! The process of finding companies in Europe and lead generation is very fast and with no latency in CUF company directory. The time you need to wait for the results of CUF is nothing in comparison with the time you have to spend for finding the contacts of companies in Europe from the web! Searching the web to find and collect companies names and contacts is so time-consuming and a tedious process which can be changed to a simple process by CUF if you pay a little amount of money! Just try it and enjoy the results! Companies in Europe are only one part of the businesses recorded in Company URL Finder. In addition to Europe, CUF covers all continents and countries like USA, Canada, Australia, UAE, Israel, Russia, Chain, India, Turkey, South Africa, Brazil, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and many other countries. In other words all European, American, Asian, Australian and African countries are supported.

Other services of CUF!

Company URL Finder has many other interesting services too including: Company website finder: It gets companies’ names and converts them to companies’ website URLs in real time. Company LinkedIn finder: It converts companies’ names to companies’ profiles’ URLs in LinkedIn instantly. Email to company name: The lists of emails are converted to companies’ names with this service. Domain to company name: Domains are converted to companies’ names in seconds.