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Company Database

How do you find the lists of companies active in a certain industry and located in a specific location? Is there any free company database which contains accurate and valid information? Are you in search of USA company databases? What about European, company databases? If you need the companies’ information related to a certain country and category, you can trust Company URL Finder database of small companies and large enterprises. Any country you wish is supported for instance it has a complete Canada company database, Germany company database, UK company database, IndiIndiaa company database, China company database and so many other countries. This data can be applied to enrich marketing and make businesses easier and more reliable. Instead of searching hours and days in Google to find the companies’ contacts and information, CUF can help you in seconds!

Which country’s companies are supported in CUF?

Any company size at any country! Even the list of small companies located and registered in China and India are available in Company database of CUF!

All industries & companies’ categories are supported!

The 3 basic types of business entities are available in CUF including sole proprietorships, limited liability companies (LLCs), and corporations. Company URL Finder of has recorded the complete lists of all types of companies active in different industries like information and technology services, customer and consumer services, trading companies, financial businesses, manufacturing, logistics and supply chain, retail, transportation, machinery, environment, outsourcing and offshoring, construction, investment, medical, staffing & recruiting, health, wellness & fitness, security and investigation and so many other categories.

How to get companies’ lists in CUF?

First of all, choose “Database” from the left side of your Dashboard in CUF website. As you see in the bellow picture you can choose the industry and the country from the lists.

 company database , Company URL Finder , Company Website Finder

I choose UK as the country and pharmaceuticals as the category and industry. The bellow list of 1996 companies is shown to you which can be downloaded as you see bellow:

 company database , Company URL Finder , Company Website Finder

What companies’ information is given to you by CUF?

  • Companies’ address and location
  • Companies’ website or blog address
  • Companies’ profile URLs in LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram,
  • Companies’ emails
  • Companies’ phone numbers
 company database , Company URL Finder , Company Website Finder  company database , Company URL Finder , Company Website Finder  company database , Company URL Finder , Company Website Finder

If you see no data in front of any of these items, it means that there is no valid and reliable information available in internet for that certain category. For instance for the above company, there is no email address because this company has not recorded any valid email in the internet.

Comprehensive company database!

There are over 250 million companies of all sizes from small to medium and large enterprises in CUF company database. This list is updated daily to add new companies and delete any dissolved business.

 company database , Company URL Finder , Company Website Finder

Accurate & reliable!

Company URL Finder uses various verification technologies and algorithms to check the accuracy of the companies’ information and contacts. No need to be concerned of the validity and accuracy of any data you see in CUF company databases. Even the information recorded in India company database and China company database with millions of enterprises and SMEs is real, correct and valid. This is the art of Company URL Finder which distinguishes it from others.

Purchase the whole global lists of companies at once!

You can purchase the whole data and contacts of all companies in different countries and categories at once! The offered price for complete lists is really competitive and affordable. USA Company Database One of the most important countries searched by most of our clients is United States of America. There are around 17 millions of companies and enterprises recorded in USA country which can be selected based on category in CUF.

European Company Database

It consists of all enterprises located and registered in European countries from France and Germany to the smallest countries like Vatican City and Monaco. India Company Database Over 2.5 million of Indian companies are recorded in Company URL Finder which are active in different industries. Not only small and medium sized companies but also large enterprises are supported.

UK Company Database

Companies of UK are all recorded in CUF company database. Around 5 million companies are available in CUF active in various industries and categories.

Germany Company Database

Over 1.5 million of enterprises and business are recorded in CUF as German companies. All are verified and accurate.

Canada Company Database

Around 1 million of companies are recorded in CUF as Canadian businesses. Their address, email, phone numbers and profiles of them in social media are all available.