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Convert any Company Name to Domain

We search each company name in the top 6 search engines including Google, Bing, Yahoo, Duckduckgo, Yandex, and Baidu in real-time, then collect the search results and apply an artificial intelligence algorithm to recognize the exact website URL for every given company name.
Whenever our artificial intelligence engine does not found any verified website for the given company name We return Not Found as a response. It means there is no verified website for the requested company name.

How it works

CUF Company Website Finder gets one or thousands of company names from the client and converts them to their accurate website URLs within a second!

Why do you need a company website finder?

  • Accessing thousands of company website URLs in the blink of an eye to save time & energy!
  • Accessing the accurate and real form of company websites to hit the target fast!

Common questions

  • How many company names can CUF change to URLs? CUF is a single and bulk Company Website Finder in which one or many company names can be converted to their URLs.
  • How does CUF find company website URLs? CUF both checks its comprehensive database of company URLs and web pages simultaneously.
  • Are the provided URLs of CUF really accurate? CUF checks both web pages and its database. Also it uses the latest verification algorithms to ensure that over 98% of the gathered URLs are accurate.