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Enrich your CRM with verified data

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Equip Your Team with Verified Data

High Accuracy plays a crucial role in the prospect, lead, and customer data enrichment process. Invest in the right marketing tool to avoid wasting your budget on unverified data.

  • 98% data accuracy
  • 250 million companies data
  • high-speed guaranteed
  • unbeatable price
  • 120 million B2B contacts data
  • easy-to-use platform
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Automate Your
Time-consuming Marketing Process

Nowadays, being up-to-date in the marketing and sales process is vital for any company to get ahead in the competitive market. In addition, automating time-consuming tasks opens up more time for your human resources to focus on more critical assignments. CUF will save your time and energy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do I need this service?

An enriched CRM is essential for any company. Automating this process and filling your CRM cells with highly accurate data will take your business to the next level.

2. What are the inputs of the Data Enrichment service?

Your inputs can be companies' names OR companies' domain, OR companies' emails.

3. What are the outputs of the Data Enrichment service?

The outputs are Companies' emails, domains, phone numbers, and social media profiles.

Our Products

Simple & Effortless Services

CUF High Speed Data Services is faster than light! Any data you ask is provided in few seconds. It is not important that you are using CUF bulk or single services as both work in the shortest possible time.