CUF Company Database
The largest company database in the world, 257 Millions!!!

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The 3 basic types of business entities are available in CUF including sole proprietorships, limited liability companies (LLCs), and corporations. Company URL Finder of has recorded the complete lists of all types of companies active in different industries like information and technology services, customer and consumer services, trading companies, financial businesses, manufacturing, logistics and supply chain, retail, transportation, machinery, environment, outsourcing and offshoring, construction, investment, medical, staffing & recruiting, health, wellness & fitness, security and investigation and so many other categories.

How can the user find companies’ data in CUF company database?

The user must choose a company industry and a country. Then CUF provides the complete list of companies active in that certain industry and country. For instance you can ask the list of marketing companies in USA or the list of car manufacturers in China! Any category and country you like is supported.

How many companies’ industries & countries are supported in CUF company database?

CUF covers 427 companies’ industries and the whole countries of the world including American, Asian, European, African and Australian countries.

What data is given about companies’ in CUF company database?

The companies’ names as well as their contacts including name, category, addresses, website or blog URLs, and their profiles in LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter are provided by CUF company database.