Domain to Company Name
Convert any Domain to its company name

Enter a company domain to launch the search. For example,

Convert any domain to its Company Name

We analyze the company website with our Artificial Intelligence engine and recognize the company name.
Whenever our artificial intelligence engine does not found any verified name for the given email, We return Not Found as a response. It means there is no verified name for the requested company domain.

How it works

CUF converts company website URLs to company names in real time. Just upload one or hundreds of company domains and after clicking the search button get their names.

Why do you need a service that convert domain to company name?

  • To save time & energy! It is a great tool to convert long lists of company domains to their names in the shortest possible time.
  • This is the most reliable and valid way of changing company URLs to names.

Common questions

  • How many company URLs does it support? The number of URLs to be converted to company names is not limited, one or thousands depends on your goal!
  • How much time does it take to convert URLs to names? Only one second! This is the most rapid way of converting domains to names.
  • Can we trust the gathered company names by CUF? Of course YES! CUF checks its updated & comprehensive database and as a double check it investigates web pages too. Hence over 98% of the result is accurate!