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Using our Email Verification service is free with attribution. We require a link back to on any page the service is used. Attribution must be legible and use at least a 12-point font.

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If you like to save your time, costs, and reputation in the email marketing process, you need to choose a reliable email verifier that leads you to more improvement. CUF rich email verification service is famous all over the world as it provides:

  • Accurate results
  • Completely FREE of Charge
  • Fast response
  • Easy-to-Use tool
  • Thorough check
  • Bulk request
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CUF Email validation Steps

  • Gibberish check:

    the syntax and format of each email are checked by CUF to see whether an email address is spelled correctly or not.
  • Professionalism check:

    the temporary emails are distinguished in this step by CUF.
  • Server status:

    CUF checks the MX record of domains before sending the email. If no MX record is detected, the email will fail to send.
  • Email status:

    CUF checks to see whether an email address exists.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do I need this service?

There are some reasons to use email verifiers for your outreach campaigns. To mention some of them:

  • Switching position in a company
  • Changing job
  • Domain is not valid anymore

2. How much does it cost for each email?

CUF email verifier service is entirely FREE. We don't limit you by number in this service.

3. How can I use this service?

You need to upload a list of emails in an Excel format or copy and paste the emails. Then, after a few seconds, you can download the results in an Excel file again.

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CUF High Speed Data Services is faster than light! Any data you ask is provided in few seconds. It is not important that you are using CUF bulk or single services as both work in the shortest possible time.