Email to Company Name
Convert any email to its company name

Enter a company email to launch the search. For example,

Convert any Email to its Company Name

We extract the company website from any given email. Then, analyze the company website with our Artificial Intelligence engine and recognize the company name.
Whenever our artificial intelligence engine does not found any verified name for the given email, We return Not Found as a response. It means there is no verified name for the requested company email.

How it works

CUF gets the company emails and shows their accurate and exact company names in only two seconds!

Why do you need a service to change email to company name

  • It saves your time & energy as it converts long lists of company emails to their company names rapidly.
  • It is the most reliable channel of changing emails to company names as it uses the latest web investigation and verification algorithms.

Common questions

  • How many company emails does it support? It is not restricted, as many company emails as you upload can be changed to their names fast.
  • Can I trust the result? CUF applies the latest technologies to verify all results so they are reliable with accuracy rate of over 98%.