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European company database

How do you find the lists of companies registered in European countries like United Kingdom, France, Germany and many other European regions? Millions of companies are registered in European countries and many global marketers for marketing purposes need these companies’ information and contacts. Even many businesses need their competitors’ contacts and information for analyzing their activities and performance. Here we offer you a better, easier and more reliable method of company detection. Company URL Finder (CUF) has created and gathered a complete list of European companies and businesses. This European company database contains valid and reliable data and is updated daily.

How to work with European company database of CUF?

Go to your CUF “Dashboard” and click on “Database” in the left side of your Dashboard. Then choose any European, country that you like from the list and also select one of the 427 companies’ categories demonstrated in the list.

 European company databasedatabase , Company URL Finder , Company Website Finder

In the above search, we choose France as an European country and “Construction” as the industry. The result contains 13299 France companies and businesses active in Construction category. Some of the top results are demonstrated too. This list can be purchased and downloaded fast and simply

All companies’ categories are supported in CUF European company database!

The European company database of CUF contains the enterprises and businesses active in 427 companies’ industries and categories. You just need to select any category you like for instance marketing companies, financial services, foodstuff industry, medical companies, public relations & communications, logistics & supply chain and many other industries.

What countries are supported in European company database of CUF?

Any company in any size and type that is registered in any European countries is recorded in this database. All 44 countries of Europe are supported from Germany, France, Italy, and UK to the smallest European countries like Vatican City, Monaco, and San Marino!

Not just companies’ names, companies’ contacts are available too!

CUF European company database provides both companies’ names and their contacts. Companies’ emails, address, phone numbers, website and blog address are demonstrated. Moreover the companies’ profiles in social networks including Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook are provided in seconds. This is the easiest and most rapid way to get companies’ data and contacts for lead generation purposes and marketing analysis.

 European company databasedatabase , Company URL Finder , Company Website Finder

If there is no data in front of any of the items in the above picture for instance there is no data for Twitter, it means that this company has no Twitter account. While in this picture, the company has LinkedIn profile and you can see its address URL.

No wrong data!

The CUF European company database guarantees the accuracy and validity of the gathered information. You can ensure that the data is correct and real. It uses the latest verification algorithms to check the contacts reality and accuracy. Another great point is the high speed of CUF in showing the results. As soon as you choose the industry and country, the results are demonstrated. This happens in only a few seconds.