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What is Handshake 🤝 emoji?

The Handshake emoji is a great way to express a friendly greeting or agreement. It is often used to show a mutual understanding between two people, or to show that a deal has been made. It can also be used to show appreciation or congratulations. The emoji is usually depicted as two hands shaking, with a smiley face in the middle. It is a great way to show that you are happy to meet someone or that you are in agreement with them.

What does Handshake 🤝 emoji mean?

The Handshake emoji is used to represent a friendly greeting or agreement between two people. It can also be used to show appreciation or congratulations.

What does Handshake 🤝 emoji mean in marketing?

In marketing, the Handshake emoji is often used to represent a business agreement or partnership. It can also be used to signify a successful transaction or a successful outcome.

How do you respond to Handshake 🤝 emoji?

A handshake emoji usually symbolizes a greeting or agreement, so a good response would be to say "Hello!" or "Nice to meet you!"

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