Frequently Asked Questions

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Retails and Customers

It saves your valuable time and energy as it rapidly provides the companies' contacts.
Today, marketing data accuracy matters the most. 98% data accuracy and high-speed services cause CUF to be the head of the market.
CUF applies the latest artificial intelligence technology to verify all results. So they are valid and reliable.
Of course! The API request is supported in the CUF gold plan.
The data you need will appear in a few seconds in your dashboard.
Sure! You have 15 free searches on our Gold plan.
A search is your input. For instance, if you have uploaded 1000 companies' names, you have used up 1000 of your searches.
They have no expiration date, and you can use your searches whenever you like, today or two years later!
Hence every time you repeat a specific request, it is deducted from your credits.
You can get as many results as you want. To order more searches, contact us via email.
Of course! The API request is supported in the CUF gold plan.
You can copy and paste your list in the specific box in the CUF dashboard or upload an excel file.
You can download the results in an Excel format.
Whenever our artificial intelligence engine does not find any verified results for your request, We return Not Found as a response. It means there are no verified contacts for your request. It is worth mentioning that Not Found results are reduced from your total credits.
Yes! All our plans include support.
Yes, Absolutely and Completely, Please see CUF privacy rules.
Do not hesitate to contact us via email. .