Afghanistan Company Database

Afghanistan Company Database

All companies and businesses of Afghanistan are recorded in the CUF Afghanistan company database that is comprehensive, reliable, and valid.

Working with this gadget is also very easy. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can have access to the data and contacts of Afghanistan companies.

CUF Afghanistan company database is a perfect method of lead generation to find the clients and companies for business purposes.

Just with an internet connection and a PC, you can have access to various types and kinds of private and governmental companies registered in Afghanistan.

How many companies’ categories are supported in Afghanistan company database of CUF?

Totally 427 companies’ categories are supported in the Afghanistan company database of CUF. Some of them are demonstrated in the below picture. The user can choose any category he wants and prefers from the list which is set in alphabetical order.

Afghanistan Company Database

How many companies are recorded in Afghanistan company database of CUF?

There are around 18,000 companies of all sizes and types stored in the Afghanistan company database of CUF. This is the most comprehensive source of companies’ data and contacts which works based on company category. It means that the user can choose one industry and CUF provides all Afghanistan companies active in that certain industry.

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How to work with the Afghanistan company database of CUF?

After entering the CUF dashboard, click on the database on the left side.

Afghanistan Company Database

Then choose Afghanistan from the list and select any industry you prefer. In the below picture, Afghanistan and Animation are chosen. The results show that there are only 13 companies in Afghanistan that are active in the animation industry. The offered price by the Afghanistan company database of CUF is only 1.30 $.

Afghanistan Company Database

It is important to mention that some of the results are demonstrated free of charge as you see in the below picture.

Afghanistan Company Database

In the second example, Afghanistan and warehousing were selected and as you see below, 116 companies are active in this industry in Afghanistan. The offered price is only 11.60 $ to buy the complete list. 75 of them have a website address and only 17 of them are active on LinkedIn. The price you pay is calculated based on the number of contacts and companies’ names that are provided.

Afghanistan Company Database

The last word!

98% data accuracy is the success key of the CUF Afghanistan company database. Also, the speed of data providing is so high and it happens with no pause and no latency.

CUF Afghanistan company database is the easiest way of lead generation suitable for any marketer in search of Afghanistan businesses.

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