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CUFinder respecting all essential features that a high-quality B2B contact database provider should have, is known as the market’s most famous company data bank.

What are these features?

  • 98% data accuracy rate
  • Rapid data extraction
  • Professional data verification
  • Advanced filtering
  • Supporting the whole world
  • Complete database
  • Covering +400 industries
  • Free trial
  • Responsive support team

How does the CUFinder B2B contact database provider act?

  • CUFinder has various filters; the user should choose as many of these filters as he/she wants.
  • Based on these filters, CUFinder provides the data of the relevant people and companies in real-time.
  • By data, we mean companies’ contacts and other exciting information like their revenue, no of employees, etc., as well as the contacts and data of business decision-makers and employees.
  • The provided list of companies and their individuals’ names, plus their contacts and information, can be downloaded in an excel file in a trice and easily.

What data is given by the CUFinder B2B contact database?

  • Companies and their members’ complete list of contacts such as emails, phone numbers, profiles on social media, website addresses, locations, and addresses, etc.
  • Companies’ general data include revenue, founding year, logo, industry, list of products/services, summary, etc.
  • Business people’s general information, including their interests, job titles, job summaries, etc., and even the data of companies in which they are working.

What is the most essential feature that a B2B contact database provider should comply with?

If you ask this question 100 times, I repeat “DATA ACCURACY” in reply to all 100 questions!

To manually search the web for many days and weeks to find the companies’ contacts and data with the intention of lead generation is better than the unreliable and inaccurate contacts and data of companies and individuals you get from an unreliable B2B contact database!

However, using a company data archive with a high accuracy rate, like CUFinder, is much better than wasting a long time manually extracting company data from the web.

CUFinder verifies the gathered contacts and data several times through up-to-the-minute verification algorithms to check the accuracy and presents only reliable and accurate data.

That’s why CUF has claimed its data accuracy rate to be over 98%!

How many companies are in the CUFinder business contacts database?

Today over 250 million companies’ names and their contacts are recorded in CUFinder, but this number is not fixed! Indeed, some months later, it has increased significantly as CUFinder permanently updates its B2B contact database to add new firms and delete any contact which is not valid anymore.

Today neglect, tomorrow regret!

Remember that you do not have much time for lead generation if you want to surpass the competitors. Other companies may find potential customers faster than you, go one step further, and even overcome the competition.

If you want to get the contacts and data of prospects sooner than your competitors, you need an advanced B2B company database like CUFinder. The one that provides any kind of data you need to connect with leads.

Not only their contacts as connecting channels are given but also other valuable data to know the level and personality of decision makers and to find out the grade of companies is provided by CUFinder B2B contact database provider.

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