Although the LinkedIn premium account is not so bad owing to some benefits it offers to its users, most regular LinkedIn users can’t take advantage of it. If you’re one of those members, you may feel the need to cancel LinkedIn Premium.

What is a LinkedIn Premium?

LinkedIn is one of the best professional social networks that provide a suitable platform for individuals and businesses. Many people create LinkedIn profiles to be recognized in their field of work.

Many employers and business owners also provide their needed manpower in this way.

LinkedIn is free to use, but the user can purchase the paid version of this social network and benefit from the features of the premium account.

Buy a LinkedIn Premium account

Note that some LinkedIn advanced services and features are only accessible through LinkedIn Premium.

So if you want to make the most out of LinkedIn services, it’s worth coughing up the price for buying a LinkedIn Premium account.

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However, this cost is very affordable compared to LinkedIn’s facilities. By purchasing a LinkedIn account, you can enjoy many benefits; for example, you can see the complete profile of more than 5 people who have recently viewed your account profile, or you can also send more than 3 InMail messages per month.

As a matter of fact, a LinkedIn Premium account is appropriate for people applying for employment or employers. This account has 4 different levels with different features, including:

LinkedIn encourages its users to purchase a premium account

If you’re currently a LinkedIn member, you must know that the LinkedIn website regularly encourages you to buy a premium account using various tricks.

Although LinkedIn Premium has recently been equipped with new and valuable features and services, if you don’t use LinkedIn much, it might not be very economical to join.

Is the premium account worth buying?

The answer to this question depends on the needs and desires of each member.

If you’re one of the successful employers, recruiters or sellers, LinkedIn Premium is the best platform through which you can develop your business. But if you’re among regular users, the only advantage of LinkedIn Premium is to see more job opportunities.

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We suggest that if you’re currently employed and are in no rush to find a new job, avoid purchasing a premium account for the time being, as well as if you’ve bought a premium account, try to cancel it as soon as possible.

How to cancel a LinkedIn premium subscription?

Canceling the premium subscription is easier than you think, so feel free to follow our instructions as it won’t take long.

To cancel LinkedIn premium, you need to follow these quick🚆 and easy steps according to the following route:

Me -> Settings & Privacy -> Account preferences -> Manage Premium account -> Cancel subscription

Step 1: Log in to your LinkedIn account.

Step 2: At the top of your LinkedIn homepage, click on the Me icon.

Cancel LinkedIn Premium

Step 3: Select Settings & privacy from the drop-down menu under the Premium features option.

Cancel LinkedIn Premium

Step 4: Click on Account preferences.

Cancel LinkedIn Premium

Step 5: Select the Manage Premium account option from the Subscriptions & payments section.

Cancel LinkedIn Premium

Step 6: At the bottom of the Manage Premium account, click on the Cancel subscription button and confirm your decision.

Cancel LinkedIn Premium

Note that you must follow all instructions to complete the cancellation of your LinkedIn premium account.

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Just like that, you’ll terminate your LinkedIn premium account.

Hot tips:

  • LinkedIn says you must cancel your plan at least one day before your next billing date to avoid being charged for another billing cycle. Meanwhile, after canceling it, your plan will expire at the end of your present billing cycle.
  • The exciting thing is that in some countries, including Germany and the United States, it’s possible to cancel the LinkedIn premium subscription without logging in.

What happens after you cancel your LinkedIn Premium account?

After canceling your LinkedIn premium subscription:

  • You’ll be returned to a free or basic account.
  • Your access to all your premium features will be limited and lost at the end of your billing cycle, such as InMail credits, Premium insights on job postings, the full list of Who’s Viewed Your profile, LinkedIn Learning, LinkedIn Pages, and unlimited people browsing.

In general, if you are a LinkedIn professional member and are looking to develop and grow your business, you don’t need to cancel your LinkedIn Premium account.

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