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We offer you to apply the China company database of CUF in which millions of companies’ data and contacts are recorded. This is a valid and trustworthy way to have access to Chinese companies’ data.

Millions of companies are registered in China. How to find them? For instance, if you want to find Chinese trading companies to buy your products, how do you detect them?

Searching on the web to find them is not a good way as it takes a long time, and is not affordable and reliable.

Where to use the data given by the China company database?

This data and contacts are the best way of finding customers and clients for your service and products.

Especially due to the high numbers of companies registered in China and as many of them are scammers, it is a good way to have access to reliable companies’ information and contacts.

The data recorded in the CUF China company database is accurate and valid.

China company database also provides the correct data of your competitors if you want to find them for data analysis and performance checking.

How to work with the China company database of CUF?

Click on “Database” in your CUF Dashboard and then choose China as the preferred country and select any type of company category. As you see in the below example China is chosen and the selected industry is “Civil Engineering”.

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In the above example, there are 5881 companies active in the civil engineering industry in China. 20 of these companies (the top of them) are shown for free.

Also, their website address, location, country, city, and LinkedIn profile are demonstrated free of charge. But to have access to all 5881 businesses, you need to purchase the list and then easily download it.

The data gave by China company database

The China company database of CUF provides companies’ emails, website or blog addresses, LinkedIn profiles, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook accounts, and phone numbers rapidly.

How many companies & business categories are recorded in the CUF China company database?

There are around 3 million companies and businesses of all sizes and types registered in the CUF China company database. These companies are active in different industries which can be determined by the user. Some of these categories can be seen in the below picture.

China Company Database, Download China Company list

CUF supports other countries!

China’s company database of CUF also supports other countries. It means that any company in the African, Australian, European, Asian, and American continents is supported and recorded in CUF company databases.

Accuracy is our first priority!

CUF China company database is famous as it provides accurate and reliable data for the users. The whole contacts are checked and verified and the user can apply them with no concern.

It has a great influence on saving the users’ time and energy. Your employees’ time can be used for many other more important tasks and responsibilities rather than searching many hours on the web to find Chinese businesses.

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Especially it is more difficult as many companies in China are recorded in the Chinese language on the internet.

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