How can I check a company in China? What is the most complete China company database? How do you find China company data for prospecting?

What are the easiest ways of lead generation and business data enrichment? Isn’t it challenging to find hundreds or thousands of relevant Chinese leads for your marketing purposes? 

China's National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System (NECIPS) is a free online company database in China that provides information on registered companies, including basic company details, legal representatives, registered capital, and more.

Is searching and preparing Chinese company lists simple? Isn’t it time-consuming and tedious for marketers?  

The CUFinder China Company Database 

Millions of companies are registered in China, from small startups to large enterprises. 

Digital marketers and data miners who are in search of Chinese companies can use the CUFinder China company database, in which the details and fresh contacts of Chinese companies are saved. 

The CUFinder China company database supports over 430 industries. The user may need a list of China construction companies, China car companies, mobile firms, or China computer company lists. All types of companies are supported. 

CUFinder covers all China private limited companies as well as China public companies and government enterprises. 

CUFinder provides the data of small companies, medium-sized and large enterprises. 

You can search for Chinese startups active in the marketing industry, Chinese largest companies in the animation sector, or medium-sized China law firms. 

Via an advanced filtering system, you can achieve the data of all company sizes. 

Your Roadmap to CUFinder Data Extraction

To find Chinese prospects, log in and enter the dashboard. 

Click “Prospect Engine” from the top menu. 

Click "Prospect Engine" from the top menu. 

Select “Company Search.” A list of search parameters will be displayed, including company name, industry, location, employee count, and products/services.

Select "Company Search."

You must select “China” as the location to access the Chinese businesses. 

You must select "China" as the location to access the Chinese businesses. 

By adding additional filters, such as industry or employee count, you can refine your search, resulting in a more focused and pertinent set of results.

The China company list will be demonstrated in real time. 

The China company list will be demonstrated in real time. 

You can click any company on the list to access its complete report of contacts and details, including the company’s name, explanation, logo, domain, verified emails, phone numbers, social media URLs, SEO data, founded date, industry, employee count, location, address, employee contacts and data, etc. 

You can click any company on the list to access its complete report

For bulk data download, tick as many companies as you want on the list to export them to your CRM, download them in CSV/Excel, or add them to your new or previous lists on CUFinder.

For bulk data download, tick as many companies as you want on the list to export them to your CRM, download them in CSV/Excel, or add them to your new or previous lists on CUFinder.

CUFinder seamlessly integrates with HubSpot, SalesForce, Pipedrive, Zoho, SalesLoft, Copper, Close, Outreach, etc. 

What Is the Data Provided by the CUFinder China Company Database? 

CUFinder provides all the following data about Chinese companies for users in no time. 

● Company name

● Company description 

● Website address

● All verified emails

● Phone numbers

● Social media URLs 

● Industry

● Employee count

● Founded date

● Address

● Location

● Logo

● SEO data

● Products/services

● Employees’ details and contacts

Effortless Lead Generation with CUFinder

CUFinder surpasses manual lead generation due to its high data accuracy, extensive reach, high speed, and easy navigation. 

It automates the lead generation and data enrichment process, providing up-to-date and error-free data, saving time, and offering a broader selection of leads. 

Filters and customization options further enhance its effectiveness. Real-time updates ensure you’re always working with the latest information. 

In contrast, manual lead generation is time-consuming, prone to errors, and lacks the data relevancy, completeness, and data precision that CUFinder offers.

Try your free credits to test the quality of the CUFinder China company database. You’ll be amazed by the remarkable data accuracy and lightning-fast speed.

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Related Questions & Answers

Free China company search

When it comes to conducting a free company search in China, there are a few resources you can utilize:

  1. China National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System: This is an official government website that allows you to search for basic information about Chinese companies. It provides access to company registration details, legal representatives, business scope, and other basic information. While the information available may be limited, it can still give you a general idea about the existence and basic credentials of a company.
  2. Online Business Directories: There are several online business directories specific to China that provide company information. Websites like Alibaba, Made-in-China, and Global Sources allow you to search for Chinese suppliers and manufacturers. These directories often include company profiles, contact information, product listings, and customer reviews. While they primarily focus on business-to-business transactions, they can be a useful starting point for finding information on Chinese companies.

It’s important to note that while these resources provide free access to some company information, the details may be limited, and more comprehensive information may require access to paid databases or hiring professional services. Additionally, verifying the accuracy and reliability of the information obtained through free sources is crucial, as they may not always provide the most up-to-date

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