If you’re a member of LinkedIn and you’ve visited the profiles of LinkedIn users, you’ve definitely heard the question: does LinkedIn notify when you view a profile?

LinkedIn instantly tells you who has viewed your profile through its professional feature called “Who’s Viewed Your Profile”. Read on to learn more about this capability.

You might have thought that you’d have to spend a great deal of time finding out who viewed your LinkedIn profile. The good news is that now you can easily catch the number and details of people who’s viewed your LinkedIn profile using this feature.

Bear in mind that you can know more about individuals who’ve visited your profile based on your LinkedIn account type.

What kind of LinkedIn account do you have?

LinkedIn has both free/ basic and premium/ subscription accounts.

It’s worth mentioning that your access to the feature mentioned above depends on the type of account, the privacy settings of the account, and the people who visit your profile.

LinkedIn Premium account

LinkedIn Premium subscription users have no restrictions on viewing their history for the past 90 days.

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LinkedIn offers Premium users information such as where visitors are from, their standard job titles, company, industry, and how they found you on LinkedIn.

Just remember that you won’t be able to see any additional information about visitors who have private mode enabled.

How to see who’s visited your LinkedIn profile through your Premium account?

If you’re a Premium member of LinkedIn, to find out who’s viewed your profile and other data, you can follow these steps:

1. Click on the Me icon on your LinkedIn page and then click on View profile.

Does LinkedIn Notify When You View a Profile?

2. Tap the See who’s viewed your Profile under the Recommended for you section.

Does LinkedIn Notify When You View a Profile?

Basic (free) LinkedIn account

If you have a free account on LinkedIn, as well as you’ve set your profile viewing options to exhibit your name and headline when viewing someone’s profiles, you can see up to five most recent visitors who viewed your account in the last 90 days, along with their total number and also the number of times you were shown in search results.

On top of that, you’ll also see a list of suggestions for upturning your profile views.

According to LinkedIn, the list shows you the following three factors that can help you build a professional network:

  • Their job title
  • Where your profile viewers work
  • Where they found your profile

Keep in mind that to see the items listed, you need to enable the display of your name and headline on your profile settings page.

How to activate your name and headline on LinkedIn?

To enable the name and headline, click the Me icon on your LinkedIn homepage and then follow these steps:

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1. Click on Settings & Privacy

Does LinkedIn Notify When You View a Profile?

2. Select the Visibility tab.

Does LinkedIn Notify When You View a Profile?

3. Click on Profile viewing options from the Visibility of your profile & network section.

Does LinkedIn Notify When You View a Profile?

4. In the Profile viewing section, select Your name and headline under Select what others see when you’ve viewed their profile.

Does LinkedIn Notify When You View a Profile?

Note: Changes will be saved automatically.

Three ways to display information on Who’s Viewed Your Profile

Likewise, said that the information you can see about your visitors on LinkedIn depends on how you set up your profile settings. Accordingly, there are three ways LinkedIn show information on its feature:

  • Regarding the visitors who’ve enabled the name and headline option, you can view their name, headline, location, and industry.
  • Regarding those who have a semi-private profile, you can view limited information such as their job title, company, school🏫, and university🏫.
  • Regarding users who are LinkedIn members, as well as have activated the private mode for anonymity, you’ll only see their overview.

Does LinkedIn notify you when you view a profile without any LinkedIn account?

As far as we know and up to this point, it’s impossible for people who don’t have a LinkedIn account to view LinkedIn user profiles. As such, LinkedIn won’t notify you in such circumstances.

How to discover who’s viewed your profile through a free or basic LinkedIn account?

Undoubtedly, it can be said that profile views are visible only when visitors come to your page.

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If you’d like to explore who has viewed your LinkedIn profile, head to your LinkedIn homepage and follow the two steps below:

1. Click on the Me icon at the top right of your LinkedIn homepage and then select View profile.

Does LinkedIn Notify When You View a Profile?

2. Click on the profile views link from the Analytics section to discover who’s visited your profile.

Does LinkedIn Notify When You View a Profile?

In the Analytics section, you can detect the number of people who have viewed your profile on LinkedIn in the past 90 days.

Does LinkedIn Notify When You View a Profile?

What are the benefits of seeing who visits your profile on LinkedIn?

Although this feature of “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” on LinkedIn may be inconvenient for some members, it also has advantages, some of which are mentioned below:

  • The data that the “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” feature puts forward tells you if you’re attracting the right people.
  • This feature can now provide you with some potential leads and prospects.
  • You can use this feature to create and expand a strong💪 network with extensive and rich connections.
  • You can use this feature to check if your resume interests other users.
  • You can use this feature to validate your efforts on LinkedIn and how well users receive them.

Bottom line

Does LinkedIn notify when you view a profile? Let’s be honest; sometimes, many of us don’t even know that when we view a LinkedIn member’s profile, she or he is being sent a notification by LinkedIn.

So when you take a look at other users’ LinkedIn profiles, LinkedIn will immediately notify them, and they’ll realize that it was you who viewed their LinkedIn profile.

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