How do you find the companies’ information of German businesses? Do you still search the web? How much can you trust the data you find by searching some phrases like “Germany company database” or “German business” and so on?

No need to say that this old and outdated method of finding leads and clients just wastes your time and energy. Your employee who is responsible for finding and collecting German businesses’ information can do many other more important tasks!

The German Commercial Register (Handelsregister) serves as the official company database in Germany, containing information on registered businesses and legal entities operating in the country.

Is it logical to waste his time on this tedious and boring process? Instead, you can use the German company database of CUF which contains the information of thousands of German companies. Not only large companies but also any small business is recorded in this comprehensive database.

How to work with the German company database of CUF?

It is a very easy-to-use tool through which you can download the lists of German companies in seconds. First, click on the “database” in the left corner of your CUF “Dashboard”.

Then select “Germany” as the country and choose any of the industries you prefer.

After clicking on the “Find Companies” button, the result is demonstrated fast which can be downloaded in excel files.

CUF Germany company database is the most rapid method of collecting the data of companies in Germany.

Through the below search you see in the picture, we understand that there are 2412 German companies active in the “Biotechnology” industry. And the top companies in this category are shown for free.

As you see in the above picture, the chosen country is Germany, and “Business Supplies and Equipment” is the selected industry.

As you see, there are 1094 companies and businesses recorded for German Business Supplies and Equipment.

All companies’ categories are supported!

German company database of CUF contains all categories and industries of companies and businesses like digital marketing, food production, insurance, mining, database and analysis, investment, retail services, construction, public relations, medical services, biotechnology, security, and investigations, internet, and so on.

The below picture shows some other categories that can be searched in CUF. It is worth mentioning that around 427 industries and categories of companies are active in the German company database of CUF.

How many companies are recorded in the German company database of CUF?

Around 1,700,000 businesses and companies are recorded in the CUF Germany company database, from small businesses to large enterprises.

It is worth mentioning that the whole data and contacts are verified and checked several times through several checkups and investigations by artificial intelligence.

What information is given to the user through the German company database of CUF?

The data recorded in Company URL Finder databases is true and accurate, verified and checked several times through various methods and investigations.

Isn’t it interesting to have access to millions of German companies’ contacts active in different industries and download their data easily and quickly?

German company database of CUF provides information very rapidly and fast in seconds. It is a non-stop service through which company data collecting has become an enjoyable task.

A complete and comprehensive internet search is done by Company URL Finder crawlers in real-time to find the companies’ data and contacts in real-time.

How many industries are supported in the German company database of CUF?

Around 430 companies’ categories and databases are supported by the German company database of CUF. You can see some of these industries in the below picture.

Germany company database

The ability to choose a certain industry helps you to find the clients, leads, and competitors of your industry.

For instance, you can have customers‘ data on chemicals, foodstuff, building materials, or any other types of products and services.

Valid & reliable data!

The data collected by the German company database of CUF is correct, real, and accurate. You can trust this information and contacts and use them to find customers for your services or products.

Even you can detect your competitors by the German company database of CUF to analyze their activities and performance.

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Related Questions & Answers

German company Registry search

The German Company Registry, also known as Handelsregister, is an official database that stores information about companies registered in Germany. It serves as a central repository for company records, including details about their legal status, management, financials, and more. Here’s a simple overview of using the German Company Registry for conducting a company search:

  1. Access the German Company Registry: The German Company Registry is maintained by the local courts (Amtsgericht) in different regions of Germany. To perform a company search, you can visit the website of the respective regional court where the company is registered. For example, for companies registered in Berlin, you would visit the website of the Amtsgericht Berlin.
  2. Conduct the company search: On the website of the appropriate regional court, look for the search function or the section dedicated to company registrations. Enter the name or other relevant details of the company you wish to search for. Keep in mind that the search capabilities and available information may vary slightly between different regional courts.
  3. Review the company information: After submitting the search request, the system will display a list of companies that match the provided criteria. Click on the desired company to access more detailed information. The company record typically includes information about its legal form, registered address, managing directors, shareholders, and any changes or filings made by the company.

By utilizing the German Company Registry, individuals and businesses can gain insights into the legal status, ownership, and other essential information of companies registered in Germany. It can be a valuable resource for due diligence, market research, and making informed business decisions.

Germany company registration number

In Germany, the company registration number is referred to as the “Handelsregisternummer” or “HRB” number. It is a unique identifier assigned to companies upon their registration in the German Company Registry (Handelsregister). Here’s a simple explanation of the Germany company registration number:

  1. Obtaining the registration number: When a company is registered in Germany, it is assigned a registration number by the local court (Amtsgericht) where the registration takes place. The registration number consists of a combination of letters and numbers and is commonly preceded by “HRB.” The specific format of the registration number may vary depending on the regional court and the year of registration.
  2. Purpose and significance: The Germany company registration number is an important identifier used for official purposes. It serves as a unique reference for the company’s entry in the German Company Registry and is often required when conducting business transactions or legal procedures. The registration number is typically mentioned on official company documents, such as the commercial register extract (Handelsregisterauszug), which provides detailed information about the company’s legal status, management, and other relevant data.

By having a Germany company registration number, companies can establish their legal identity and facilitate transparency in business transactions. It allows government authorities, business partners, and the public to easily identify and retrieve information about a registered company in the German Company Registry.

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