The CUF Hong Kong company database is a complete and verified source of companies’ information and contacts of any SME, medium-sized, or large enterprises registered in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is a special administrative region of China and is an “inalienable part” of the country. Thousands of companies are active and registered in the advanced country of Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong Companies Registry maintains a company database that provides information on registered companies in Hong Kong, including their legal details, directors, shareholders, and financial statements.

If one day you need the data and information of Hong Kong companies, what strategies do you use? Marketers and data analyzers may start searching the web to find the companies’ data, which can be done easily by the CUF Hong Kong company database!

Various types and kinds of companies are covered. The search in the Hong Kong company database of CUF is based on companies’ industries. 427 companies’ industries are recorded in CUF, from retail and wholesale to the internet, It, and marketing!

How to start working with the Hong Kong company database of CUF?

After signing up in CUF in only a few seconds, enter the dashboard and click on the database on the left side of the dashboard as you see below:

Hong Kong Company Database, Download Hong Kong Company List

Then choose Hong Kong as the country and any of the demonstrated industries you see as the company category. In the below picture, Hong Kong and Agriculture are chosen.

Hong Kong Company Database, Download Hong Kong Company List

After that, click on Find Companies, and the results are given in a few seconds and in real-time. 20 of the results are shown as samples and free of charge, while the complete list can be downloaded at affordable offered prices. These 20 free results are given for every new search with no restrictions and limitations.

Other countries are supported by CUF!

Hong Kong company database of CUF is only a small part of the companies recorded in CUF. Other countries are supported too from USA and Canada to Asian, European, Australian, and African countries. There are over 250 million of companies recorded in CUF from various continents. The important point is that all this data is verified and checked and you can be sure of its accuracy and validity.

Website & LinkedIn!

It is important to mention that the website addresses and LinkedIn URLs of companies and businesses are given by CUF.

CUF Hong Kong company database tells you how many of the gathered companies have website addresses and how many of them have LinkedIn URLs before you purchase the list.

In the below example, you see that among 1197 companies found by CUF, 142 of them have website addresses and LinkedIn profiles while the rest of them do not.

Hong Kong Company Database, Download Hong Kong Company List

The offered price is 119.70 $ to buy the complete list while 20 of the results are shown free of charge as you see in this picture.

Hong Kong Company Database, Download Hong Kong Company List

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Related Questions & Answers

Hong Kong company registration number Search

In Hong Kong, the company registration number (CRN) is a unique identifier assigned to each registered company. It is used to identify and track companies in official records and business transactions. To search for a company using its registration number, you can utilize the online search tools provided by the Companies Registry of Hong Kong.

The Companies Registry offers a user-friendly online platform where you can enter the CRN of a company and retrieve relevant information. This includes the company’s name, registration date, registered office address, directors’ details, and other statutory filings. The CRN search is a convenient way to verify the existence and basic details of a Hong Kong company.

By conducting a CRN search, individuals, investors, and businesses can gain insights into a company’s legal status, background, and key personnel. This information is particularly useful for due diligence, making informed business decisions, and conducting transactions with Hong Kong-based companies. The Companies Registry’s CRN search tool is a reliable resource for obtaining official and up-to-date information about registered companies in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Company Registry Search ICRIS

The Integrated Companies Registry Information System (ICRIS) is an online platform provided by the Companies Registry of Hong Kong, allowing users to search for and access company information. It serves as a comprehensive database for registered companies in Hong Kong. With ICRIS, individuals and businesses can conduct a company registry search to obtain detailed information about a specific company.

ICRIS provides various search options, including searching by company name, company registration number, or the Hong Kong identity card number of an individual director. By entering the relevant search criteria, users can retrieve information such as the company’s name, registration number, registered office address, directors’ details, and other statutory filings. The platform also provides access to filed documents, annual returns, and other relevant records.

The ICRIS platform is a valuable tool for conducting due diligence, verifying company details, and gathering information about businesses registered in Hong Kong. It offers a user-friendly interface and provides reliable and up-to-date company information. Whether you are a potential investor, business partner, or simply curious about a Hong Kong company, the Hong Kong Company Registry Search through ICRIS is an efficient way to access essential information about registered companies.

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