How many words can you post on LinkedIn? For years the limit for the words you could post on LinkedIn was about 250 to 300. Of course, you must know that posting on LinkedIn is calculated by characters, not words. Because words can be short or long. There is a big difference between the word “of” and the word “juxtaposition” right? But characters are calculated just the same.

How Many Words Can You Post on LinkedIn?

If you used to post on LinkedIn several years ago, you know that it only allowed 1300 characters on every post.

It meant that if you wanted to write something important🖋️ and post it, you probably should have edited and rewritten it many times to try and minimize it to 1300 characters.

This could be a real problem for every user, especially companies🏭.

Because they had to leave out many important🖋️ parts of the information.

Good👌 news! LinkedIn increased the post characters limit to 3000 characters, which means 500 to 600 words.

It’s more than twice the number of characters now. So you don’t have to rewrite your post or omit anything.

In fact, it is even more than enough👌 now. You know how people🧑‍🤝‍🧑 get tired and bored🥱 when they face a long text📝 these days.

In fact, I believe that you can deliver a perfect👌 message💬 or story in less than a word page. But the difference here is that users don’t have to write short sentences in compact words.

More space can be used for a more organized post. There is no rule to force you to fill the 3000 characters limit.

The shorter posts and text📝 are still better than very long posts.

How Many Words Can You Post on LinkedIn?

With a limit of 3000 characters, there is a lot of room to get more creative and post much more engaging posts. Now you don’t need to omit or leave out details or even simplify your posts.

And of course, you can write a much more organized text📝. So yes, maybe it’s time⏱️ for you to adjust your content📜 writing strategies with this new limitation.

Because there is no need for you to struggle with the characters on every post and that will stop the waste of time⏱️ you had to spend on optimizing your posts.

  • Grate for ideas and creating engaging posts
  • Don’t write a long essay, people will scroll you down if you are bored.
  • Don’t forget to include visual content on these long posts as well.

How long should a post be on LinkedIn and other social media?

Content📜 creation to promote your brand or for any other purpose can be a hard task to do! Yes, you need to find🔍 or design🎨 a unique picture🖼️, find🔍 perfect👌 captions and backlinks, hashtags, the perfect👌 time⏱️ to publish that post, etc. then you might get into the character limitation trap of each platform. What?! So it’s not 3000characters for every one of them? NO!

The characters’ limitation is different in each social media📹. Which makes it pretty hard to keep tracking them when you want to post a text📝 on several platforms at once! That’s why we are going to talk🗣️ about some of the most populated ones separately.

Instagram: Instagram characters limitation is 2200, which is about 400 words give or take. But this platform is a picture🖼️ and video-based social network🕸️. It doesn’t mean you cannot have text📝 content📜 in it, but still better to focus on the visual content📜. The human attention time⏱️ is shrinking shorter and shorter every day and that means a long text📝 post or even a long video📹 is not a perfect👌 way of advertising your brand anymore no matter how good👌 it is.

Facebook: Facebook is the perfect👌 platform to express your thoughts through long content📜. Because the character limitation is 63,206 for each regular post. This means you have a space for more than 10,000 words to describe your idea💡 in the deepest way possible! Yes, we said that people🧑‍🤝‍🧑 don’t really like❤️ very long posts, yet when you are talking🗣️ about a specialized topic the experts💡 are interested to know more and more about it. They might not even mind if you write one or two books📙 for them. Still, it’s much better if you post much shorter things on Facebook so that everyone gets interested in reading them.

Twitter: Twitter character limitation is 280. Still, as the studies showed, the tweets that get the most retweets are the ones with less than 100 characters. So if you are branding on Twitter, suffice it to 100 characters!

LinkedIn: as we said, LinkedIn increased its character limitation to 3000. So now you can write about 500 words and don’t need to omit important🖋️ details just to fit your text📝 in the 1300 character limitation like❤️ before. And keep in mind that although LinkedIn never determined a limitation for the articles📝, many users report that articles📝 longer than 120,000 characters might get cut off by the platform itself.

YouTube: YouTube is a video📹 streaming service🧰 so it’s not a good👌 idea💡 to try and promote anything in the caption of a poor video📹. The title📝 characters’ limitation is 200 and you can write a caption of up to 5000 characters for each video📹. Let’s be honest, do you really read the caption under YouTube videos📹? Whether it is an interesting video📹 or not?


How many words can you post on LinkedIn? With the last upgrade in 2022, the limitation hit 3000 characters which is more than twice the number of characters compared to the 1300 characters limitation before.

Now you don’t really need to mind how many words can you post on LinkedIn?

You can always narrate a good👌 story in 3000 character space, it is 500 to 600 words so what problem remains? Do you have good👌 writing and convincing skills🧰?

Start🏁 writing the perfect👌 post for LinkedIn right now!

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