Online courses are one of the new ways in the education system. The modern world is the era of speed, so most of us don’t have that much free time to spend in the traffic just to take one or two courses.

On the other hand, a lot of us prefer to be able to manage the time of the classes, in the more straightforward term, take a self-paced course.

I personally can’t think of getting obligated to be in a class at a definite time and place anymore.

That’s when online learning centers like Pluralsight, Coursera, and websites like these come in handy.

But how to add Pluralsight courses to LinkedIn? Just add the certification or badge that proves you’ve passed a course to the licenses & certification of your profile.

To add Pluralsight courses to LinkedIn, go to the "Learning" tab on your LinkedIn homepage and click "Add new learning course" under "Manage my learning." Search for the course you want to add and click "Add to profile." Your Pluralsight course will then be added to your LinkedIn profile under the "Licenses & Certifications" section.

How to Add Pluralsight Courses to LinkedIn?

It’s been years since I was in a classroom, and at the same time I have earned some certifications, degrees, licenses, and badges in recent years.

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That is precisely why I instead do online learning. I confess that since I have a 9-5 job and come home at 7-8 p.m., all the free time I had in the past years was from 9 to 11 p.m., and that was the time I dedicated to learning or some personal stuff, you now things like having a family dinner, taking a shower or reading a book or learn skills that I didn’t have.

Not only could I manage my time, but it was also cheaper than physical and traditional classes.

And not just talking about the tuition, think about the gas money, the depreciation of the car in heavy traffics, nervousness for being late or attending classes when you just don’t have time or don’t feel like it.

For example, when your mother came to see you after a long time or when you had a bad day at work, etc.

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Let me tell you what happened to me during my core python course at. I wanted to learn python for a few years but never had the chance. So one day in December 2019, my colleague suggested I take an online course. She took a Photoshop course and was very satisfied with the outcome.

I was like: ok, let’s give it a try. And guess what? There was a free trial too, so I spent some hours in the free courses and subscribed to the starter package for $399 a year.

You know what happened after that, right? Covid-19 pandemic broke out, and the house quarantine started.

How happy I was that I still could use my time and learn different skills. I mean, it took some months before every institution got used to online classes, right?

Let me not mention the three weeks I got Covid-19 and had to stay home. It was a bitter-sweet experience for me.

Thankfully my situation was not that serious, so I just had to stay home. And boy, the free time I suddenly had, was a perfect chance. Not only did I finish the core python, but I also took some other courses as well. Could I do this with traditional classes? No!

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How to add Pluralsight courses to LinkedIn?

You can do it in some very easy steps.

  1. Open your LinkedIn and Pluralsight account
  2. Open your accomplishment page in the Pluralsight account
  3. Click on to LinkedIn button under the course or certificate you want to add to your profile


Online learning is the new normal in the education world. Like it or not, it is dominating society, and we have no choice but to obey this dominator if we want to learn and progress.

If you’ve already finished a course and wouldn’t mind everyone else knowing about it, we’ve just told you how to add Pluralsight courses to LinkedIn.

So use your recent earned knowledge certification and complete your profile.

As you know, a complete profile has a much better chance of appearing in recruiters’ search results.

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