You did it! You have a scholarship now; good job. How to add a scholarship to LinkedIn now? The best way is to add it to your honors & awards section.

Is it appropriate to add it to your profile?

How to add scholarship to LinkedIn?

To add scholarship to LinkedIn: Enter your account and open your profile, scroll down to see Honors and Awards and click on “+”. When the related box opened, add the name of your scholarship in the title box, add the issue date and some information; then click save button.

You earned a scholarship; this is an honor since everyone knows how hard it is to do so! Not to mention how it makes you a very attractive candidate if you are going to apply for top colleges or universities and even for some employers.

Since it tells everyone that you are a talented and hardworking student, what academic institution doesn’t dream of such a student?

So it is okay to do so. Not only will it attract some very beneficial attention to your profile, but there is also no ethical or professional problem in adding a scholarship to LinkedIn; it even will add some value to your profile and make it look more professional (for a student) and of course, your profile is more complete now, and as for the LinkedIn algorithms, you have a much better chance of getting appeared in some particular userssearch results, people like the recruiters and college committees members.

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Students are very different from regular LinkedIn users; they have been studying most of their lives and don’t have that much professional job experience.

So they need to include some other things to showcase their talents and skills and a scholarship is one of them.

It is always the best idea to try and get some work experience while you are studying, even when you have a scholarship and probably won’t need the money.

Since you possibly never worked in a professional company you won’t have enough data to add to your experience section to attract recruiters, pizza delivery and jobs like that are great experiences but not really the experiences that recruiters are looking for.

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Here is where other data like honors and awards can help you. So you see? All you need to know is how to add a scholarship to LinkedIn to feed the recruiters the information they are seeking and encourage them to choose you as a suitable candidate for an internship or even for a job.

How to add a scholarship to LinkedIn?

You will notice how easy it is to do so after you finish reading the how to add scholarship to LinkedIn instruction.

Have you ever added anything to the honors & awards section of your LinkedIn profile?

If you did, just enter your account and open your profile, scroll down to see that part, and click on “+”.

When the related opened box, add the name of your scholarship in the title box, is it associated with any of your education degrees or experiences?

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If so, select that one and then add the issue date (this part is selective, you can choose not to add it personally, I instead add it, and you can choose the date your scholarship gets effective as the issue date).

You can choose to get the viewers some information about the scholarship, which you can do in the description section, and then click save.

If you never added any awards to your profile you just need to enter your profile, click on the “add profile section” button and choose “add honors & awards,” and follow the exact instructions after that.

To add this honor to your profile, you just needed to know how to add a scholarship to LinkedIn.

Now you can do it to show your accomplishment to other users, including recruiters and academic members. Just go on and add this to your LinkedIn to witness the results.

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