There is always the possibility of some changes that might need some rebranding. How to change a company name on LinkedIn? There are some things that you need to consider in doing so.

How to Change a Company Name on LinkedIn?

A company page is needed for companies who want to do marketing on LinkedIn. Yes, this is one of the most vital marketing strategies.

In short, having a company page has many benefits like showcasing your company as a whole and the fact that your employees who your company page in their experience section can act as the ambassadors of your brand.

To change a company name on LinkedIn, go to the company page and click on the "Admin tools" dropdown. Then, select "Manage page" and click on the "Settings" tab. Under the "Basics" section, click on "Edit" next to the company name and enter the new name. Note that changes to the company name may take some time to be approved and reflected on the page.

You can assess how effective your posts and updates are by a company page, get notified if someone mentioned your page, promote your news and advertise your products and/or services.

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Once you have a company page, you can change a lot on that page as the super admin, but changing the name really depends on how big your company is.

Is it a little office with 5 to 10 employees or is it a huge corporation like Microsoft with more than 10,000 employees?

How to change a company name on LinkedIn?

As we said, there might be times when you believe it is necessary to make changes to your company page (like a name change) as the admin.

Well, LinkedIn provided the possibility for you; if your page associates are a small group (there are a few employees in your corporation) and want to change a part of your company page name, you can do it through the admin view.

  1. Just click on that pencil icon right under the cover image,
  2. then click on “page info” in the pop-up window and
  3. change that part or the whole name.
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Remember that only because you changed this name doesn’t mean the name is automatically changed in the employee’s personal LinkedIn experiences section. Inform them by Employee Notifications.

This feature will help you to notify anyone who works or used to work in your company and add your company page aware of the changes you’ve made, so they can update their profile as well.

Suppose your company is a large one with so many employees. In that case, you need to use the contact us form to change your company page name, and it is better to add a reason to the update post you are making that informs your employees and followers about this new update.

Although it is suggested to create a new page if your corporation is vast or has the page existed for more than a year. This will help to minimize the adverse effects of a name change and helps you inform the followers and the employees much easier to follow and/or add the new page to their experiences.

How to Change a Company Name on LinkedIn?

Some people may wonder if a name change could be rejected by LinkedIn. It doesn’t happen in small companies’ cases, but yes, your request could be rejected for rebranding a big corporation page name. Let’s take a look at the examples LinkedIn brought (you can also see them on the mentioned page):

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Valid rebranding

Current nameName changeJustification for approval
Company Name Inc.Company Name LLC.Clarify business structure
The Dream CompanyDream CompanyRemove definite article
Dream Business & CoDream Business or Dream Business and CompanyModify or remove business entity information
L.I. Business & SonsL.I. Business or Business & SonsReduce the complexity of the previous name

Invalid name changes

Current nameName changeJustification for denial
Company Name Inc.Business Name LLC.Complete name change
Dream Business & CoVision Business & Co. or Dream Vision Business & Co.Modifies most of the name
DreamDream (Acquired by Business & Co.) or Dream VisionIncludes business acquisition or merger

As a company page admin, you may decide change the page name for multiple reasons.

You can do it easily if your page doesn’t have that many associates, but when it comes to huge companies, you need to know how to change a company name on LinkedIn since there are some things you need to follow for the name changing so, as not to get rejected by LinkedIn.

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