InMails are the perfect ways to connect with different users on LinkedIn, but what if you are using a basic account? How to contact someone on LinkedIn without InMail?

I mean, yes, InMails are perfect. You can reach a lot of people using it; it has a much higher response rate, you can track their effects, you can send it to absolutely anyone, there is no need for knowing the users’ email addresses, and so on. But accounts like premium, business, etc. have also a limited number of connections. You have to pay some to buy more credits, and you cannot use it if you have a basic account.

How to Contact Someone on LinkedIn without InMail?

Thankfully there are some ways to connect with someone for free on LinkedIn. We are going to tell you how to connect with someone on LinkedIn without InMail.

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1st-degree connections

These people are the easiest to contact. All you need to do is to:

  1. open your profile,
  2. click connections,
  3. and find the one you want to connect to,
  4. then just click on ‘Message’ next to their names,
  5. write your message,
  6. and hit the ‘Send’ button.

2nd-degree connections

This one is a bit different.

  1. Open your profile and go to your connections.
  2. Do you still see your first-degree contacts? Click on the button that says ‘1st’ and check the ‘2nd’ box from the dropdown menu and uncheck the first
  3. click on show results.
  4. Now you can click on the ‘connect’ button in front of each connection.

It is strongly suggested to write a note for your request and talk about your common points or the way you admire them and other things; this will raise the invitations’ acceptance.

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The other way is to:

  1. click on their profile and
  2. then hit ‘Contact info’ to see their email address.

No need for LinkedIn, You can now email them. Of course, it’s possible only if they don’t decide to hide their email address.

The 3rd + degrees

These people are the friend of a friend of a friend, even more distant, and they are harder to reach for sure. But you can still do something about them!

  1. Click on the button that says ‘1st’ and check the ‘3rd +’ box from the dropdown menu and uncheck the first
  2. click on show results.
  3. Now find the one you want to contact and see if you can see their name since there is no contact button when you only see a ‘LinkedIn Member’ instead of their names.
  4. If you see a name, you can use that strategy in the last part.
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There is still another way to contact without InMail. The groups are a perfect way. You can message people who are in the same group with you for free. Just find that common group, click on the members’ list, find that user, and click on ‘message’ in front of their name.

Unfortunately, you cannot contact a network user without InMail. Since you cannot even see their profile to contact them.

That’s bad since who knows when it becomes necessary to connect with someone out of your network?

So either start to buy InMail credits or try to expand your network as much as possible, which is 30,000 first-degree connections.

Maybe LinkedIn will increase this number soon and decide to do something about this out-of-network connection problem. But till then, you just needed to know how to contact someone on LinkedIn without InMail.

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