Skills🔧 were always the big shot in human work history and they still are very important🖋️, to be honest, their importance is at least equal to the experiences of a person, if not more. LinkedIn is a job-oriented platform, so it is only natural for the skills🔧 the users add to their profile👨‍💼 to play as a set of keywords.

Now think🤔 that some of your connections⛓️ endorse the skills🔧 in your profile👨‍💼, this will not only give credit to those skills🔧 but will also weigh up your profile👨‍💼 a lot and make you much more discoverable. And yes, you can do the same for your connections⛓️; how to endorse skills🔧 on LinkedIn? You’ve got to do it from their own profile👨‍💼.

How to Endorse Skills on LinkedIn?

These endorsements are just like❤️ a recommendation letter, except they are better, more critical 🖋️, and much easier to do.

According to LinkedIn experts, people🧑‍🤝‍🧑 with more than 5 skills🔧 (that are endorsed) usually receive more than 17 times more profile👨‍💼 reviews.

It means these endorsements can get you ahead in the job-seeking route. I mean, what can increase📈 your credibility and separate your profile👨‍💼 from other candidates as much as a few approved skills🔧 by other people🧑‍🤝‍🧑?

You can add up to 50 skills🔧 to your profile👨‍💼 and have unlimited endorsements, but it shows (+99) if one skill🔧 has more than ninety-nine approves.

They are a great way to demonstrate your expertise in a world🗺️ where there is a tight contest for decent jobs, you want to stand out, and that is one of the ways.

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One of the best😎 ways to get endorsements is to endorse people🧑‍🤝‍🧑, so let’s see👀 how to endorse skills🔧 on LinkedIn.

How to endorse skills on LinkedIn

Before you jump for endorsing and receiving endorsements head first🥇, make sure to optimize your profile👨‍💼 as much as possible.

It is great to have your skills🔧 approved by other users and get more profile👨‍💼 reviews, but what is the point when your profile👨‍💼 is not as good👌 as it should be? I mean, imagine that you see👀 these very gorgeous high heels on a woman’s feet.

They are outstanding and probably can make her shine at a party, but when you look👀 at her clothes, you see👀 holes and wrinkles in her dress, and messy hair and makeup make her look👀 like❤️ a meteorite hit her.

This image🖼️ will destroy the whole shine of those glorious shoes. That is precisely what a sloppy profile👨‍💼 will do to some perfect👌 and endorsed skills🔧.

Now, to endorse skills🔧 on LinkedIn, search🔍 for the connection⛓️ you wish to endorse their skills🔧 in the search🔍 bar. When you find🔍 them, open their profile👨‍💼; they need to be your first🥇 connection⛓️ if you want to endorse their skills🔧. Now scroll down their profile👨‍💼 to reach the skills🔧 section.

  1. Click🖱️ on ‘Show all skills’ to see👀 the skills🔧 that connection⛓️ added to their profile👨‍💼
  2. and find🔍 the one you want,
  3. you can see👀 an endorse button under each skill🔧
  4. If you have already endorsed one of their skills🔧, there is a checkmark next to its button and
  5. if not, just click🖱️ on that button to endorse them.
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They can either accept your endorsement or not; it is up to them. But what is more critical 🖋️ is that you will probably take back some endorsement as a response.

How to Endorse Skills on LinkedIn?

How can you increase📈 this rate📈? There are always some ways for that; first 🥇 is that it is strongly advised to order the skills🔧 in the way that the most relevant ones to your current job or the position you are dreaming of being among the top three ones.

Another thing to remember is that, although you can include up to 50 skills🔧 in your skills🔧 section, it is better to suffice to the most relevant ones. Since too many skills🔧 can and will scare off many recruiters.

It is even suggested to take the skill🔧 assessment quiz.

You can always start🏁 endorsing with your closest colleagues and friends. Why? Because these people🧑‍🤝‍🧑 are much more likely to return the favor.

But remember to select the skills🔧 they’ve proved to have while working with you. If you are unsure which one to select, it is suggested to go for the top three.

Another way is to publish some content📜 to encourage people🧑‍🤝‍🧑 to view your profile👨‍💼 and you can include a CTA at the end of the content📜 to encourage them to endorse your skills🔧.

But the perfect👌 way is to ask your connections⛓️ directly for endorsements.

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It is not such a demanding job, and most people🧑‍🤝‍🧑 are perfectly willing to do it. But remember not to go so far as to message💬 so many people🧑‍🤝‍🧑 who do not respond to your messages💬, for you might get suspended by LinkedIn for that.

Recommendations vs. endorsements, which one is better?

It cannot be said that any of them has some specific advantage over the other. The recommendations are some short paragraphs from someone you used to work with and talk🗣️ about your talents, skills🔧, and work attitudes as a whole, while an endorsement is a bot one specific skill🔧.

In fact, people🧑‍🤝‍🧑 trust recommendations much easier, but they won’t act as keywords for you. They won’t get you in the LinkedIn suggestions as well.

So it is better to focus on endorsements, recommendations, and other things. To get the proper endorsements, pick🧲 the most relevant skills🔧 and order them from the ones you like❤️ to get the most endorsements to the less important🖋️ ones. It is better not to include unrelated skills🔧.

I have to Copywrite, SEO, data analysis, and some other IT skills🔧 on that list; what do you think🤔 if I include painting🎨? It is a skill🔧 and art, but it has the slightest connection⛓️ to the other skills🔧.

So why include it? All you needed was how to endorse skills🔧 on LinkedIn to get some endorsements for yourself, so start🏁 it right now and get those strong💪 keywords even stronger.