LinkedIn is the most business-focused social network that ever existed. This platform is where people can find jobs, share their resumes, employ suitable candidates, find potential clients, do marketing for their services and products, share their opinions on different subjects, share their daily experiences, etc. Books📙 are our teachers, friends, etc., but also a product you need to sell.

You know, to live and continue creating masterpieces, even authors need to eat. As we said, LinkedIn can be an excellent platform for your books📙 since there are 830 million LinkedIn users on this platform, and believe it or not, many of them love reading! So how to promote your book📙 on LinkedIn?

How to Promote Your Book on LinkedIn?

There are some strategies you can use to promote your books📙 on LinkedIn, and we are going to talk about some of them.

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The title

This tiny and straightforward part can do a lot for selling your book📙. I mean, think about it; your title appears on each and every footstep you have on LinkedIn, along with your name. So why not use it in the best way possible? You can encourage people to view your profile by this title and even include a purchase link. For example, mine is: Author, Content manager, Lecturer, and Reporter| New book: Own My Own Vibes,

The profile

As you know, your profile is your identity, your first impression, your keywords, and many other important things on LinkedIn. It lets people find you (using the keywords you wrote in different sections), see who you are and what you do or did in your life, the way you think, and other kinds of stuff.

You can also provide some links so people can purchase your book📙 from them. Don’t forget to add the books📙 to the feature section and publication. You can describe them a bit in the publication and even add some short clips about them to the featured section.

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Connections are one of the most important things on every social media but it is even more critical on LinkedIn! It is a key to success in any industry (especially marketing). That is natural, right? The more connections you have, the more chances to sell.

How to Promote Your Book on LinkedIn?


Be active in one or two groups and find a way to promote your book📙 in them by interacting with the members. The top interactors get more attention, and it will encourage people to view your profile and maybe even read your books📙.


Your photo is your first impression, and the first times are always too important. So pick a professional and high-quality photo for your profile. It can define if people get motivated to view your profile as an author or not.

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How to promote your book📙 on LinkedIn? Can you do it at all? Yes, people might think that LinkedIn is just a job-seeking platform, but it is way more than this; you can do marketing on it for everything, including your books📙.

Many authors do it these days; they use their own profile as a marketing tool to promote their books📙, blogs, reports, articles, etc. personally, I believe it can work better than that book 📙 launch events.

Social media has proved to work much more effectively than those expensive traditional parties. I mean, not all of our LinkedIn connections live in the same city or even country as us. LinkedIn is a perfect tool to tell everyone about the books📙 you’ve authored. So if someone asks me how to promote your book📙 on LinkedIn, my answer would be through your profile.

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