Communication and engagement are the main pillars of any human society, whether it is a real one or virtual. Commenting on different posts is one of the main ways of communicating on LinkedIn and messaging. And, of course, we always say to try and make your posts so engaging to encourage people to comment on them because it is one of the best ways to get more and more views.

Because when one of your connections or followers comments on a post, it gets to their connections’ feed, and if your second-degree connections also like them or comment on them, this domino goes on and on, and who knows, you might even get viral! But still, sometimes, it seems necessary to know how to turn off comments on LinkedIn. Yes, inappropriate people are everywhere, even on a professional platform like LinkedIn. So let’s see what we can do about it.

How to Turn Off Comments on LinkedIn Company Page?

How to turn off comments on LinkedIn?

As we said, there are inappropriate people everywhere. Doesn’t matter if you are driving, shopping, working, walking, or just minding your own business and are posting content on LinkedIn.

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Seems like they are always lurking around to find someone to blow some steam off. I mean, these people were always around us. You know that rude kid who constantly bullied smaller and weaker students, right? Let’s hope you were not that bully kid.

What I am trying to say is that these people were always around and will always be. It’s their instinct to hurt people by attacking them, whether physical or just by words, and the initial solution is to turn off the comments of a post on your page.

Don’t do this for every post since comments are a perfect way for your brand to be seen and people to ask questions about your business but you can close the comment section for some posts you think people might attack you for.

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Of course, this happens to those personal accounts more, but thankfully you have full control over your posts on LinkedIn, whether a personal or business account. You can define who sees the post, who can comment on it, and add hashtags, videos, photos, etc.

How to Turn Off Comments on LinkedIn Company Page?

To turn off comments on a LinkedIn company page, you need to click on the button that says ‘Anyone’ at the bottom of the pop-up window while you are posting content on your company page.

You will be redirected to another pop-up asking who can comment on your posts, where you have two options: anyone and no one. Select no one to turn the comment section off and click save.

You can see that your post has no comment section when you publish it. Remember that you cannot edit this option after you publish the post. All you can do is edit the content or the hashtags, or if you want to turn on the comments, you have to remove the post and publish it again.

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Annoying people are everywhere, and you cannot delete them from society. They might attack you for any kind of reason. Whether you are posting content they don’t like or just because they had a bad day.

The most tangible example is those people who used to attack anyone who posted something good about Covid vaccination. So now that you know how to turn off comments on the LinkedIn company page, if you think your post is going to attract this kind of people, turn this section off, no need to face them when you have this option.

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