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CUF Israel company database has the most comprehensive list of Israel companies active in various industries and fields. The Israel company database of CUF has gathered a complete list of companies in a fast database that can provide data in minutes and with no error and no latency.

Many marketers need the names and contacts of Israeli companies for lead generation and finding clients for their services and products. Previously they used the old methods of marketing like searching the web and Googling.

But today these kinds of strategies are outdated and are not helpful. How many hours must a marketer sit behind the computer and search to find the accurate contacts of 100 companies based in Israel or any other country? It will be a long time to find them! Is it a reliable and helpful strategy? Or is it just a matter of wasting time and energy which leads to no correct data.

There is a solution that is an innovative tool in the field of marketing helping any person in search of Israeli companies’ data to find them fast and easily. This tool is the Company URL Finder.

How many companies are recorded in the Israel company database of CUF?

There are over 155,000 Israel companies recorded in the Israel company database of CUF. This is the most complete list of Israeli companies in the world! Also on a daily basis, the data stored in the CUF Israel company database is updated and newly registered companies are added.

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Even dissolved companies and enterprises are omitted from the list after any update. CUF Israel company database is the most rapid method of finding and collecting business data which leads marketers and data analyzers to data accuracy, time-saving, and finally marketing success.

How much time is needed for the CUF Israel company database to find the lists of companies?

It is not important whether you ask for 100 companies or 1000! The process of lead generation is faster than what you imagine in the Israel company database of CUF! If you choose to find only 50 companies or 500 or 5000, there is no difference.

All of them are provided in minutes and with no stop. It means that as soon as you click on “Find the companies”, the list of gathered data is demonstrated!

Only with a few clicks of the mouse and in seconds, the CUF Israel company database provides reliable information for you which cannot be found in any other source!

Does CUF support other countries too?

The Israel company database of CUF is only one small part of the companies recorded in CUF.

CUF has a complete company database of all countries of the world from east to west and north to south. You can find the lists of companies in Europe, Africa, America, Australia, and Asia.

How to work with the CUF Israel company database?

Click on Database on the left side of the CUF dashboard. Choose Israel as the country and one industry. In the below example, as you see, there are 2521 Israel companies active in the fields of transportation, trucking, and railroad that are recorded in the CUF Israel company database.

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