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What strategies do marketers usually apply to find the contacts of companies located and registered in Italy? For instance, if you as a marketer require the names of businesses active in the field of foodstuff import in Italy, how do you find and collect them?

The issue becomes more difficult if you need their contacts too! Hundreds and thousands of companies are working in Italy, a country with around 60 million population in 2020, so finding relevant businesses for our requested industry is not an easy task.

It is a tedious, boring, and time-consuming process through which there is no guarantee of detecting valid and correct data. Instead, we suggest the users try the Italy company database provided by Company URL Finder (CUF) which is comprehensive and contains valid and accurate information.

How many companies are registered in the Italy company database of CUF?

Around one million companies are recorded in the CUF Italy company database! The recorded data includes companies’ names and contacts of different types and sizes of companies, from small businesses to medium and large companies.

How to find Italian companies in CUF?

To use the Italy company database of CUF, just enter your “Dashboard” and click on “Database” which can be seen on the left side of your “Dashboard”.

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After that select Italy as the country and any category, you like the type of company. The results become ready in a few minutes and can be downloaded very fast.

The process of lead generation in CUF is so simple and fast. All Italian companies can be found in a short time and with no latency.

This is an enjoyable task that can save lots of time and energy. In the below example, we chose Italy as the country and “retail” as the industry.

As you see there are 11484 companies active in this industry in Italy! 20 of them are shown free of charge and the complete list can be purchased at around 1148 $. The total number of gathered websites is 2854 and the total number of LinkedIn pages is 1829.

Italy Company Database

Companies’ names & contacts both are provided!

Not only companies’ names but also their contacts are given by the Italy company database of CUF. Lead generation is very easy and fast if you trust Company URL Finder.

  • companies’ emails
  • companies’ phone and cell phone numbers
  • companies’ address and location
  • companies’ profiles in Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Companies’ website and blog URL

All companies’ categories are recorded in the Italy company database of CUF

Around 427 companies’ categories are recorded in the CUF Italy company database. You can select any of them you like from the demonstrated list that can be seen in the below picture. You can see some of them in the below list.

Italy Company Database

Other countries are supported by CUF!

Italy is not the only country supported by CUF. All other countries are covered too in Italy’s company database of CUF.

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Generate more leads located in any part of the world in minutes with the help of CUF. All continents (Asia, America, Australia, Europe, and Africa) are covered.

The most famous company directories of CUF are the USA company database, India company database, China company database, Germany company database, France company database, and so many other places. Some of these countries based in alphabetical order are seen in the bellow picture.

Italy Company Database

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