Scotland Company Database


 Company URL Finder has various tools to make marketing easier and more precise. One of these gadgets is created exclusively to generate Scottish leads and prospects. This is the CUF Scotland company database!

It provided the contacts and data of Scottish businesses and companies in real time based on category and industry. 

What data is given by the CUF Scotland company database?

The emails, domains, phone numbers, and LinkedIn profiles of companies and businesses registered in Scotland are gathered in the Scotland company database of CUF. As many companies as you want can be downloaded through this tool instantly and with no error.

How many companies are gathered in Scotland’s company database of CUF?

Around 130,000 companies active in 427 industries are recorded in the CUF Scotland company database. They are in different sizes and types from retail to wholesale. They may be small, medium or large, private or governmental.

How to work with the Scotland company database of CUF?

Just sign up in CUF, go to the dashboard, and click on the database on the left side. Then select Scotland and one company industry (one of the 427 companies’ industries mentioned in a list).

Scotland Company Database

In the next step, after clicking on Find Companies, the results are shown in real time like in the below picture. As you see the offered price is 144.50 $ for purchasing the complete list of companies’ names with their contacts. 1445 of them have websites and LinkedIn pages! Isn’t it great to get all of this data in an excel file to enrich your CRM and be connected with real and reliable leads?

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Scotland Company Database

Free results are given for every search too. It is important to mention that free results are given for all searches and are not limited at all. Even if you search 1000 times, every time this free data is demonstrated.

Scotland Company Database

Faster lead generation with Scotland company database of CUF!

The process of lead and prospect generation is done faster if you use the Scotland company database of CUF which removes the risks of being connected with unreliable companies. The stored data in CUF is verified and checked through various verification algorithms (98% data accuracy rate). Hence the users can be sure that they are connecting with real and valid prospects.

Company URL Finder (CUF) also has other company databases supporting all countries and nations from Asia and the Middle East to Europe and America. Marketing becomes easier and more structured if you trust the best marketing enrichment platform in the world- CUF!

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