Sweden Company Database


This is undoubtedly the most comprehensive Sweden company database in the world with updated and accurate data.

How to find and collect the data and information of companies registered in Sweden? Is it easy to search in Google or other search engines to find the information of hundreds of Sweden businesses?

Instead of this time-consuming method of lead generation, we offer you to use the Sweden company database of CUF in which thousands of companies are recorded.

98% data accuracy, high speed in data providing, real-time results, and affordable prices are the most important characteristics of Company URL Finder’s Sweden company database.

How many companies are recorded in Sweden’s company database of CUF?

There are around 360,000 companies in Sweden company a database of CUF that is true, real, and reliable.

The Sweden company database of CUF is the most complete and trustworthy source of companies registered in Sweden in the world.

This source of information is updated daily and with no pause.

How to find companies in Sweden’s company database of CUF?

To work with Sweden’s company database, you need to enter the dashboard and then select Sweden as the country and one industry as the company category.

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Then after clicking on “Find the companies”, the results are demonstrated in real-time and after a few seconds. The complete list of Sweden companies and businesses can be downloaded in an excel file immediately.

What kind of data is provided by the Sweden company database of CUF?

The Sweden companies’ contacts, as well as their names, are provided in minutes and with no latency.

By contacts, we mean their LinkedIn profile, website address, Instagram account, blog URL, Facebook page, Twitter accounts, address, YouTube pages, emails, and phone numbers.

Does Sweden’s company database of CUF provide free data?

Yes! The Sweden company database of CUF can provide free results. In other words, it provides the names and contacts of 20 companies free of charge for every new result. The complete list of Sweden companies active in a certain industry can be purchased in an excel file.

98% data accuracy along with high speed!

It is important to mention that the data gathered in the Sweden company database of CUF is verified and checked. So the user can be sure of its accuracy and reliability.

Also, it is important that the gathered data is provided in real-time and with no pause and no latency.

Does CUF support other countries too?

Of course, yes! Company URL Finder finds the companies located in any country of the world from Europe to America and Africa to Asia. It can be a big country like China and India or a small one like Monaco!

It is worth mentioning that the whole types and sizes of companies are covered. 427 companies’ categories and industries are gathered in the Sweden company database of CUF.

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Company search is based on both country and industry in Sweden company database of CUF. Some of these industries can be seen in the below picture.

Sweden Company Database

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