Tanzania Company Database

Tanzania Company Database

Company URL Finder has created the best and the easiest way to find and collect the data of companies registered in Tanzania. The CUF Tanzania company database is a complete source of Tanzanian small and big businesses that can be helpful for any marketer and data scientist across the globe.

Do you look for Tanzanian buyers of your products? Do you need to find a certain type of service provider in Tanzania? What about Tanzanian manufacturers? The contacts of all of them are gathered in CUF. Their emails, phone numbers, LinkedIn profiles, and website addresses are saved in the Tanzania company database of CUF.

Tanzania Company Database

How many companies are recorded in the Tanzania company database of CUF?

Around 25,000 companies active in various industries are recorded in the CUF Tanzania company database. 427 companies’ industries are supported in CUF. Also, the stored companies are in different sizes from small to medium and large.

You may look for Tanzanian manufacturers, sellers, importers, exporters, or any other type of company active in the chemical, art, and crafts, food, or construction industries! What to select just depends on your business and on your purposes!  

The important point is that any new registered company in Tanzania is added to this list on daily basis. It is an updated list of companies which includes not only companies’ names but also their contacts.

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How to work with Tanzania company database of CUF?

Enter the CUF dashboard and click on Database which can be seen in left side. Then there two lists. The first one shows 427 companies’ categories and the second one is the list of supported countries. Choose Tanzania in the second list and select any company industry you like in the first box. Bellow Real Estate is the chosen company industry.

Tanzania Company Database

After clicking on Find Companies, the results are shown in real time and with no pause.

Tanzania Company Database

152 companies are active in Real Estate industry in Tanzania and just 8 of them have websites and 3 of them have LinkedIn profiles.

Always the information of 10 top companies are given free of charge but if you want the complete list of them, you should purchase it. The offered price is around 15$ for the complete list of 152 companies with their contacts. The provided contacts include their emails, phone numbers, LinkedIn profiles and website addresses.

Tanzania Company Database

Just accurate & real results

Company URL Finder only provides precise and correct names and contacts of companies in real time. No need to wait a long time for the results and no need to be worried of data accuracy. Both of them are paid attention in CUF. 98% data accuracy rate along with high speed data providing are two of the main features of Tanzania company database of CUF.

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