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The UAE company database of CUF is a complete source of companies’ data and contacts registered in the UAE.

Thousands of companies and businesses are active and registered in United Arab Emirate. If you want to find UAE companies for working relationships, how do you find the relevant businesses among these thousands of companies?

As you know searching on the web is not an affordable way because it is a very time-consuming process and wastes the energy of your employees for achieving the data which can be got through a simple way: CUF UAE company database.

This is a valid, verified, and reliable directory of UAE companies that is the most famous and the most comprehensive UAE company database in the world.

Where can we use the data from the CUF UAE company database?

The provided data by CUF can be used for company research and industry analysis. You can find UAE customers for your products and services or even you can find your competitors for analyzing their performance and their job.

How many companies are recorded in the CUF UAE company database?

There are around 200,000 companies recorded in the UAE company database of CUF, companies of all types and sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises.

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However, the total number of companies recorded in the CUF global company database is around 250 million!

What types of companies are recorded in the CUF UAE company database?

It is worth mentioning that almost all companies’ categories and industries are supported in the UAE company database of CUF.

If you look for foodstuff companies or transportation services, no difference, all are available in the CUF company directory. Some of these industries can be seen in the below picture.

UAE Company Database

How to work with the UAE company database of CUF?

Enter your “Dashboard” and then click on “Database” on the left side of the page.

After that choose UAE as the country and select any industry you prefer. In the bellow picture, as you see there are 24 companies in UAE active in the Advertising industry.

UAE Company Database

Does the UAE company database of CUF provide companies’ contacts too?

Yes! The UAE company database of CUF not only finds companies’ names but also shows the below data about UAE companies:

  • • UAE companies’ website or blog address
  • • UAE companies’ address and location
  • • UAE companies’ telephone numbers and cellphone numbers
  • • UAE companies’ profiles in social networks like LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter

All countries are supported by CUF!

Company URL Finder covers companies of all sizes and types in all countries. Are you looking for USA companies? Do you need the foodstuff companies of India? What about China? Do you want to collect the chemical exporters based in Asian countries? Or are you looking for Australian importers of cars?

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All are available and recorded in the CUF company database. It is not important which industry you are looking for and which country you choose. All continents and categories are supported.

We guarantee data accuracy!

The whole data recorded in our commercial database of business records and industry directory is accurate and reliable. It verifies all information and then demonstrated it to the users. Any contact you see is correct and valid.

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