USA Company Database


The USA company database of CUF is complete, valid, and reliable. Isn’t it more trustworthy than strategies of the past?

How do you find the lists of companies registered and located in the United States of America? When you need the companies of a certain industry located in the USA, what do you do?

Do you use the old method of searching in Google to find them one by one? Isn’t there a better and more reliable way?

Of course, there are more trustworthy and valid methods today. Technology helps us to ignore old methods and replace them with easier and more valid strategies.

The best of them is to use Company URL Finder (CUF) for company detection.

CUF has comprehensive company databases covering all countries and industries.

CUF USA company database

Company URL Finder finds any new company registered in the USA daily.

This USA company database is updated every day and any dissolved company is deleted from the database and new companies are added.

The whole recorded information is checked through the latest strategies and algorithms so the client can be sure of their accuracy and validity.

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You can trust the data you get from the CUF USA company database and use them anywhere you like.

How many companies are recorded in the CUF USA company database?

There are over 17 million companies and enterprises recorded in the CUF USA company database.

Companies of any size and any type are available in the CUF USA company database, from small businesses to large enterprises.

Which industries & company categories are supported in the CUF USA company database?

No difference in which category you are looking for. Do you need the list of companies active in the foodstuff industry located in the USA or the list of chemical enterprises in the USA?

Both are available in the CUF USA company database. Marketing and advertising, information technology, biotechnology, computer services, food production, mining and metals, medical devices, investment banking, retail, trading and commerce, events services, and financial agencies are only a few numbers of industries supported by Company URL Finder.

USA Company Database

What information is provided by the CUF USA company database?

Company URL Finder tells you the location and address of USA companies, their emails, phone numbers, and their profiles’ URLs in social networks like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter and also the website and blog addresses of companies.

This is the most rapid and valid method of getting updated information about USA companies and businesses helping you to find more clients and analyze more competitors.

USA Company Database

How to work with the CUF USA company database?

Just go to your “Dashboard” and click on the “Database” which is shown on the left side of your dashboard. Then choose the United States as the country and any category that you like.

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In the above picture the user has chosen the USA as the country and “Electric and Electronic Manufacturing” as the category.

CUF found 8051 companies active in this industry located in the USA. And 20 of them are demonstrated as the sample. The complete list can be purchased at the best competitive prices.

CUF helps you to remain updated!

Through the real and correct data you get from Company URL Finder, you can get in touch with hundreds and thousands of companies.

If you look for new customers or if you want to analyze your competitors, CUF company databases can be the best source of data.

More effective marketing by Company URL Finder is the most reliable source of fresh companies’ data.

To land more leads and grow your number of customers, CUF Companies Database is the best choice.

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