Venezuela Company Database

Venezuela Company Database

Company URL Finder (CUF) has made a complete and comprehensive Venezuela company database for any marketer who wants to start a working relationship with Venezuelan companies.  

For instance the names and contacts of companies registered in Venezuela which are active in foodstuff industry or any other industry can be given by this tool. The user can easily find the contacts of producers of foodstuffs in Venezuela and connect with them or find fruit exporters or importers. It depends on the user’s purpose and business.

How many companies are there in Venezuela’s company database of CUF?

 Over 100,000 Venezuelan companies are recorded in this company database from small to large and famous companies. This is the most complete list of companies registered in Venezuela which consists true and real data with no error and no inaccuracy.

Also, it is important to mention that 427 companies’ industries are supported in CUF. In fact it has all companies’ categories and the users can choose any one he prefers.

Venezuela Company Database

How to extract companies’ data from CUF Venezuela company database?

Working with Venezuela company database of CUF is so easy. Just enter the dashboard and click on database. Then easily choose Venezuela and one company industry from the list. In the below picture, accounting is chosen as the industry from the complete list of companies’ categories with 427 industries!

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Venezuela Company Database

The results are demonstrated as follow:

Venezuela Company Database

As you see above, there are 147 accounting companies in Venezuela which are recorded in Venezuela company database of CUF that can be purchased at around 14$. 15 of them have websites and 2 of them have LinkedIn profiles. Always 10 of the results are shown for free too. As many times as you search in the database, 10 free top companies are given. 

Venezuela Company Database

What companies’ data are given by the CUF Venezuela company database?

The CUF Venezuela company database provides the companies’ LinkedIn profiles, websites, emails, and phone numbers in addition to companies’ names. This is a perfect way to be connected with Venezuelan companies fast through their various contacts.

Company URL Finder tries to simplify the process of marketing and help marketers to find prospects faster and easier. Venezuela is only one of the countries supported by CUF. It is worth mentioning that all global countries are covered in CUF. Totally there are over 250 million companies’ names with their contacts in CUF company database.

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