What happens when companies are ready to hire new and talented people for an empty position? What does actively recruiting on LinkedIn mean? Is there something you need to do while seeking a new job?

LinkedIn is a job-oriented social network where you can find suitable jobs for your skills and talents.

Many employers from gigantic companies like Microsoft to SMEs, actively hunt for fresh minds every day.

They check candidates’ LinkedIn profiles and resumes and try to find the most appropriate one for their job vacancies.

What Does Actively Recruiting on LinkedIn Mean?

Actively recruitment means a company is actively seeking new and skilled candidates. They find candidates, process their resumes, and connect them if they are suitable.

Actively recruitment means a company is actively seeking new and skilled candidates. They find candidates, process their resumes, and connect them if they are suitable. If you have a strong profile with a significant resume and strong network connection, you can be their next proper candidate.

When the recruiter finds you proper enough, they might connect you on LinkedIn. It doesn’t mean you are getting hired, but it means they are interested in you or want to know you more, before deciding.

Now that you know what does actively recruiting on LinkedIn mean, let’s talk about What should you do as a recruiter or a job seeker? What does active and passive candidate mean? How should you announce that you are hiring?

What to do to get recruiters to notice you?

After explaining what does actively recruiting on LinkedIn mean, you need to know that having a strong resume and profile on LinkedIn is a must, especially if you are looking for a job.

Because when you have a good profile with a vast communication network, the companies that are hiring will notice your profile much easier.

So maybe you need to start working on your LinkedIn profile. Better sooner than later!

What Does Actively Recruiting on LinkedIn Mean?

If a recruiter connects you on LinkedIn, ask them to send you the job description and talk about the position as soon as possible. It’s not like you are the first and last right person for this position.

The studies show that the first 25 applicants are 3 times more likely to get hired. The best time to apply for a job is in a week after the company’s job posting.

Be among the first applicants who put their resumes right before the recruiter’s eyes.

Adding the recruiters to your network can increase your chance of receiving a massage from the recruiters even higher.

Although it is wise to be selective. Be realistic about the companies you add.

What Does Actively Recruiting on LinkedIn Mean?

If you want to keep your options open, just type Recruiter or Recruitment in the search box.

This way, you can see different companies actively recruiting all around the world. If you are interested in any of them, apply! But remember, HR usually checks different appliers’ profiles and omits the irrelevant ones.

That is why sometimes you apply for a job and never get a response. It’s all about having a relevant and strong resume and profile.

Active, passive, and promoted

Are you an active or a passive candidate? The active candidates are the people who are looking for new opportunities and are always ready to start a new job.

You are an active candidate if you send resumes or apply for different jobs every day. If you are looking for a job and want recruiters to see your profile, click on the ‘Open to’ button on the right corner of your LinkedIn profile and choose ‘finding a new job’.

This way, recruiters and other LinkedIn members will know that you are ready to get hired by a new company.

What Does Actively Recruiting on LinkedIn Mean?

Passive candidate: you are employed right now, and you are not looking for a new job. But if it’s not like you hate the idea of moving, you are considered a passive candidate.

The studies show that these candidates are more likely to stay in a company for some years and their overall performance is better than active candidates.

That’s why some companies rather search and find them and connect them on Linked after evaluating their resume.

They share their job vacancies on LinkedIn and Facebook and try to promote their company and the available position, usually trying to attract these passive candidates to apply through interesting job descriptions and so on.

Another term that is so important to know is promoted jobs.

The job opportunity that has been tagged ‘promoted’ is the most appropriate open option for you based on your LinkedIn profile. As we mentioned, the HR section of any company omits irrelevant applicants.

Well, it’s a perfect feature for you to apply for the most suitable job.

When you apply for a job, the employer receives a photo of your profile, and an alert lets them know that applicants have applied for the available position.

They will see your resume and usually tend to go for the most relevant and fine ones.

Things you need to keep in mind as a recruiter

What Does Actively Recruiting on LinkedIn Mean?

What if you are not a job seeker but an employer who wants to find the best candidates for a position out there?

LinkedIn is the perfect way to hire! Thanks to its great features and the fact that more than 760 million people are using it and millions of skilled candidates are looking for different jobs on LinkedIn every day, the process of finding a good candidate is much easier now.

Just put a job posting on your company’s LinkedIn page and let the job seekers come to you! You need to keep some things in mind, of course, like how to announce that you are hiring or how to review applicants’ profiles.

Announce that you are hiring:

  1. Right a post and say that you are hiring
  2. Select the job from the list if exists
  3. Create a new job
  4. Share the location, the contract type
  5. The job description is optional, but to attract qualified candidates, you need an attractive, precise, and interesting job description. No professional job seeker applies for some jobs with no descriptions.
  6. Don’t forget to click on the ‘Open to’ button in the right corner of your profile to indicate that you are open to hiring.
  7. Be precise and visible to attract active candidates, and be interested in the top talents.
  8. Know your targets and your priorities. Do you want to employ young people who just graduated from school or professionals who have worked in this field for some years?

Reviewing candidates on LinkedIn

Now that you put the job ad out there, you need to review the applicants’ profiles.

  • Click the icon of the jobs on your homepage.
  • Click the manage job posts button.
  • Select the job you want to review and tap the ‘More’ icon on the right side of the job title.
  • Now click the View Applicants button.

The points you need to bear in mind for a successful recruit on LinkedIn:

  • Determine the hiring qualities and needs precisely
  • Prepare an exciting Job description to attract the top talented candidates
  • Search for the most skillful people, even if they are not motivated to apply for your ad
  • Have a warm but professional interview with the best candidates
  • Evaluate the resumes, characteristics, and skills
  • Choose wisely but don’t let the decision take too long to be made. The talented and skillful people won’t wait long for you to make an offer.

LinkedIn- the easiest way to hire and to get hired

LinkedIn is a social network just like Facebook and Instagram, but it focuses on finding jobs, internships, volunteering chances, and finding the most appropriate candidates for employers.

The statistics show that more than 90% of recruiters, especially the ones from big companies use LinkedIn to find the most skillful and talented candidates for their job vacancies.

Related Questions & Answers

Actively recruiting companies

Actively recruiting companies are those organizations that are actively seeking to hire new talent and fill job positions within their company. These companies are actively engaged in the hiring process and may have open job listings, career pages, and other recruitment initiatives to attract potential candidates.

To identify actively recruiting companies on LinkedIn, you can use the platform’s search feature and filters. Start by entering relevant keywords related to the industry or job roles you are interested in. Then, use the “Companies” filter to narrow down the search results specifically to companies. Additionally, you can apply the “Hiring” filter to further refine the results and focus on companies that have indicated they are actively hiring. This will help you find companies that are actively looking for new talent and increase your chances of finding job opportunities.

Remember to regularly check the company profiles, job listings, and career pages of these actively recruiting companies to stay updated on new job openings and to learn more about their hiring processes. Networking with professionals in your desired industry and engaging in relevant LinkedIn groups can also provide valuable insights and connections to actively recruiting companies.

How to filter actively recruiting on LinkedIn

Filtering for actively recruiting companies on LinkedIn is a useful way to narrow down your job search and focus on organizations that have open positions. Here’s a simple guide on how to filter for actively recruiting companies on LinkedIn:

  1. Use the search bar: Start by entering relevant keywords related to the industry, job title, or specific job roles you are interested in. For example, you can search for “software engineer” or “marketing manager.”
  2. Apply the “People” filter: After entering your desired keywords, LinkedIn will display search results. To filter specifically for companies, click on the “People” filter at the top of the search results page.
  3. Select the “Companies” filter: Once you’ve applied the “People” filter, additional filters will appear. Look for the “Companies” filter and select it. This will refine your search results to focus solely on companies.
  4. Apply the “Hiring” filter: To further narrow down your search to actively recruiting companies, locate the “Hiring” filter. This filter will display companies that have indicated they are actively hiring.

By following these steps, you can effectively filter your LinkedIn search results to find actively recruiting companies. This allows you to focus your efforts on organizations that are actively seeking new talent, increasing your chances of finding job opportunities that align with your skills and interests.


We explained what does actively recruiting on LinkedIn means. We talked about what you need to do if you are a job seeker or recruiter to get the best result on LinkedIn?

Having a strong profile and a professional resume for a job definitely helps active recruiters notice and consider you for the position.

And having an attractive description of the job you are hiring for can attract any top talented job seekers.

Start enriching your profile or posting attractive job ads and see the result in a short time; try it today!


What is the meaning of active recruiting?

Active recruiting refers to the process where employers or organizations actively search for and engage with potential candidates to fill specific job positions. It involves proactively reaching out to individuals who may be a good fit for a job, regardless of whether they are actively job hunting. This approach is in contrast to passive recruiting, where employers rely on job postings and wait for candidates to apply. Active recruiting often includes methods like direct outreach through LinkedIn or other professional networks, attending job fairs, networking events, or using recruitment agencies to identify and attract top talent for their organizations.

Do recruiter views show up on LinkedIn?

Yes, recruiter views on LinkedIn can show up when they visit your profile. LinkedIn often notifies users when someone, including recruiters, views their profile. However, the exact information available to you may depend on your LinkedIn account settings and subscription type. LinkedIn provides different levels of visibility and detail about who has viewed your profile, with more information available to premium subscribers. Regardless of your settings, knowing when recruiters view your profile can be valuable as it indicates potential interest in your professional background and skills, which can be beneficial for networking and job opportunities.

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