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Enter a company name to launch the search. For example, stripe

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Collect More Data About Your Prospects

With having companies' official websites, you're getting complete information about your prospects, leads, and customers. Some information you can get from websites are:

  • Companies achievements
  • Products updates
  • Weak points
  • Strength points
  • Customers satisfaction
  • Website activity
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Level Up Your Marketing Programs

CUF provides the official companies' websites for you. Improve targeting of your account-based marketing plans and identify the most active ones for your campaigns.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do I need this service?

Companies' names with no website in your database are unprofitable. On the other hand, much valuable information can be extracted from companies' URLs.

2. What are the inputs of the Company Name to Domain service?

Your input is only companies' names.

3. What are the outputs of the Company Name to Domain service?

The output is Companies' websites.

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